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Flex-Core Split Core Current Transformers


These FlexCore current transformers have a safe, low-level AC voltage output. They are easy to install by snapping around the current conductor. Leads can be extended with no loss of accuracy.

  • Rated input from 5-1500 amps
  • 0.333VAC output at rated current
  • Accuracy ±1%, from 10% to 130% of rated current
  • Operates from 50Hz to 400Hz
  • Maximum Voltage: 600V (on bare conductor)
  • UL Recognized

8′ twisted-pair leads. #22 AWG


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Item # Input AAC Window Size (in.)
SCT-1250-6000-6001.25 x 1.25
SCT-1250-4000-4001.25 x 1.25
SCT-2000-1000-1002.0 x 2.0
SCT-1250-3000-3001.25 x 1.25
SCT-2000-2000-2002.0 x 2.0
SCT-1250-2500-2501.25 x 1.25
SCT-2000-3000-3002.0 x 2.0
SCT-1250-2000-2001.25 x 1.25
SCT-2000-4000-4002.0 x 2.0
SCT-1250-1500-1501.25 x 1.25
SCT-2000-6000-6002.0 x 2.0
SCT-1250-1000-1001.25 x 1.25
SCT-2000-8000-8002.0 x 2.0
SCT-1250-0700-701.25 x 1.25
SCT-2000-10000-10002.0 x 2.0
SCT-0750-2000-2000.75 x 0.75
SCT-2000-12000-12002.0 x 2.0
SCT-0750-1500-1500.75 x 0.75
SCT-2000-15000-15002.0 x 2.0
SCT-0750-1000-1000.75 x 0.75
SCT-0750-0700-700.75 x 0.75
SCT-0750-0500-500.75 x 0.75
SCT-0750-0300-300.75 x 0.75
SCT-0750-0100-100.75 x 0.75
SCT-0750-0050-50.75 x 0.75
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