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Flex-Core AC Power Transducers


These FlexCore AC Watt, VAR or Watt/VAR transducers measure AC power in 1, 2, 2½, or 3 element system configurations.

    • 150, 300 & 600V input
    • 60 or 50Hz
    • DC mA or Voltage Output
    • External or Self Powered
    • Accuracy 0.2%
  • Can be used with current transformer

5 Amp input and 60Hz part numbers are shown below.
Add suffix -50 for 50Hz models.
Add suffix -22 for 230VAC instrument power.
Add suffix -W for fast 50ms response time.

See data sheet for models with 1A, 10A or 20A current input.


Watt/Watthour and VAR/VARhour transducers also available.

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Item # AC Input Full Scale System Power DC Output
GV5-001EM0-150V / 0-5A500VAR1ph, 2W, 1E85-135V4-12-20mA
GV5-002EM0-300V / 0-5A1kVAR1ph, 2W, 1E85-135V4-12-20mA
GV5-003EM0-600V / 0-5A2kVAR1ph, 2W, 1E85-135V4-12-20mA
GV5-004EM0-150V / 0-5A1kVAR3ph, 3W, 2E85-135V4-12-20mA
GV5-005EM0-300V / 0-5A2kVAR3ph, 3W, 2E85-135V4-12-20mA
GV5-006EM0-600V / 0-5A4kVAR3ph, 3W, 2E85-135V4-12-20mA
GV5-007EM0-150V L-N / 0-5A1.5kVAR3ph, 4W, 3E85-135V4-12-20mA
GV5-008EM0-300V L-N / 0-5A3kVAR3ph, 4W, 3E85-135V4-12-20mA
GV5-7.5EM0-150V L-N / 0-5A1.5kVAR3ph, 4W, 2.5E85-135V4-12-20mA
GV5-8.5EM0-300V L-N / 0-5A3kVAR3ph, 4W, 2.5E85-135V4-12-20mA
GW5-001EM0-150V / 0-5A500W1ph, 2W, 1E85-135V4-12-20mA
GW5-002EM0-300V / 0-5A1kW1ph, 2W, 1E85-135V4-12-20mA
GW5-003EM0-600V / 0-5A2kW1ph, 2W, 1E85-135V4-12-20mA
GW5-004EM0-150V / 0-5A1kW3ph, 3W, 2E85-135V4-12-20mA
GW5-005EM0-300V / 0-5A2kW3ph, 3W, 2E85-135V4-12-20mA
GW5-006EM0-600V / 0-5A4kW3ph, 3W, 2E85-135V4-12-20mA
GW5-007EM0-150V L-N / 0-5A1.5kW3ph, 4W, 3E85-135V4-12-20mA
GW5-008EM0-300V L-N / 0-5A3kW3ph, 4W, 3E85-135V4-12-20mA
GW5-7.5EM0-150V L-N / 0-5A1.5kW3ph, 4W, 2.5E85-135V4-12-20mA
GW5-8.5EM0-300V L-N / 0-5A3kW3ph, 4W, 2.5E85-135V4-12-20mA
GWV5-001B0-150V / 0-5A500W/VAR1ph, 2W, 1E85-135V+/-1mA
GWV5-001D0-150V / 0-5A500W/VAR1ph, 2W, 1E85-135V+/-10V
GWV5-001E0-150V / 0-5A500W/VAR1ph, 2W, 1E85-135V4-20mA
GWV5-001EM0-150V / 0-5A500W/VAR1ph, 2W, 1E85-135V4-12-20mA
GWV5-001X50-150V / 0-5A500W/VAR1ph, 2W, 1E85-135V+/-5V
GWV5-002A0-300V / 0-5A1000W/VAR1ph, 2W, 1Eself+/-1mA
GWV5-002C0-300V / 0-5A1000W/VAR1ph, 2W, 1Eself+/-10V
GWV5-002CX50-300V / 0-5A1000W/VAR1ph, 2W, 1Eself+/-5V
GWV5-002EG0-300V / 0-5A1000W/VAR1ph, 2W, 1Eself4-20mA
GWV5-004B0-150V / 0-5A1000W/VAR3ph, 3W, 2E85-135V+/-1mA
GWV5-004D0-150V / 0-5A1000W/VAR3ph, 3W, 2E85-135V+/-10V
GWV5-004E0-150V / 0-5A1000W/VAR3ph, 3W, 2E85-135V4-20mA
GWV5-004EM0-150V / 0-5A1000W/VAR3ph, 3W, 2E85-135V4-12-20mA
GWV5-004X50-150V / 0-5A1000W/VAR3ph, 3W, 2E85-135V+/-5V
GWV5-007B0-150V L-N / 0-5A1500W/VAR3ph, 4W, 3E85-135V+/-1mA
GWV5-007D0-150V L-N / 0-5A1500W/VAR3ph, 4W, 3E85-135V+/-10V
GWV5-007E0-150V L-N / 0-5A1500W/VAR3ph, 4W, 3E85-135V4-20mA
GWV5-007EM0-150V L-N / 0-5A1500W/VAR3ph, 4W, 3E85-135V4-12-20mA
GWV5-007X50-150V L-N / 0-5A1500W/VAR3ph, 4W, 3E85-135V+/-5V
GWV5-008D0-150V L-N / 0-5A1500W/VAR3ph, 4W, 3E85-135V+/-10V
GWV5-008E0-150V L-N / 0-5A1500W/VAR3ph, 4W, 3E85-135V4-20mA
GWV5-008EM0-150V L-N / 0-5A1500W/VAR3ph, 4W, 3E85-135V4-12-20mA
GWV5-008X50-150V L-N / 0-5A1500W/VAR3ph, 4W, 3E85-135V+/-5V
GWV5-005A0-300V / 0-5A1000W/VAR3ph, 3W, 2Eself+/-1mA
GWV5-005C0-300V / 0-5A1000W/VAR3ph, 3W, 2Eself+/-10V
GWV5-005EG0-300V / 0-5A1000W/VAR3ph, 3W, 2Eself4-20mA
GWV5-005CX50-300V / 0-5A1000W/VAR3ph, 3W, 2Eself+/-5V
GWV5-008A0-300V L-N / 0-5A3000W/VAR3ph, 4W, 3Eself+/-1mA
GWV5-008C0-300V L-N / 0-5A3000W/VAR3ph, 4W, 3Eself+/-10V
GWV5-008EG0-300V L-N / 0-5A3000W/VAR3ph, 4W, 3Eself4-20mA
GWV5-008CX50-300V L-N / 0-5A3000W/VAR3ph, 4W, 3Eself+/-5V
GWV5-003A0-600V / 0-5A2000W/VAR1ph, 2W, 1Eself+/-1mA
GWV5-003C0-600V / 0-5A2000W/VAR1ph, 2W, 1Eself+/-10V
GWV5-003EG0-600V / 0-5A2000W/VAR1ph, 2W, 1Eself4-20mA
GWV5-003CX50-600V / 0-5A2000W/VAR1ph, 2W, 1Eself+/-5V
GWV5-003B0-600V / 0-5A2000W/VAR1ph, 2W, 1E85-135V+/-1mA
GWV5-003D0-600V / 0-5A2000W/VAR1ph, 2W, 1E85-135V+/-10V
GWV5-003E0-600V / 0-5A2000W/VAR1ph, 2W, 1E85-135V4-20mA
GWV5-003EM0-600V / 0-5A2000W/VAR1ph, 2W, 1E85-135V4-12-20mA
GWV5-003X50-600V / 0-5A2000W/VAR1ph, 2W, 1E85-135V+/-5V
GWV5-006A0-600V / 0-5A4000W/VAR3ph, 3W, 2Eself+/-1mA
GW5-002D0-300V / 0-5A1kW1ph, 2W, 1E85-135V+/-10V
GWV5-006C0-600V / 0-5A4000W/VAR3ph, 3W, 2Eself+/-10V
GW5-002E0-300V / 0-5A1kW1ph, 2W, 1E85-135V4-20mA
GW5-002X50-300V / 0-5A1kW1ph, 2W, 1E85-135V+/-5V
GWV5-006EG0-600V / 0-5A4000W/VAR3ph, 3W, 2Eself4-20mA
GW5-003A0-600V / 0-5A2kW1ph, 2W, 1Eself+/-1mA
GW5-003C0-600V / 0-5A2kW1ph, 2W, 1Eself+/-10V
GWV5-006CX50-600V / 0-5A4000W/VAR3ph, 3W, 2Eself+/-5V
GW5-003EG0-600V / 0-5A2kW1ph, 2W, 1Eself4-20mA
GW5-003EMG0-600V / 0-5A2kW1ph, 2W, 1Eself4-12-20mA
GWV5-006B0-600V / 0-5A4000W/VAR3ph, 3W, 2E85-135V+/-1mA
GW5-003CX50-600V / 0-5A2kW1ph, 2W, 1Eself+/-5V
GW5-003B0-600V / 0-5A2kW1ph, 2W, 1E85-135V+/-1mA
GWV5-006D0-600V / 0-5A4000W/VAR3ph, 3W, 2E85-135V+/-10V
GW5-003D0-600V / 0-5A2kW1ph, 2W, 1E85-135V+/-10V
GW5-003E0-600V / 0-5A2kW1ph, 2W, 1E85-135V4-20mA
GWV5-006E0-600V / 0-5A4000W/VAR3ph, 3W, 2E85-135V4-20mA
GW5-003X50-600V / 0-5A2kW1ph, 2W, 1E85-135V+/-5V
GW5-004A0-150V / 0-5A1kW3ph, 3W, 2Eself+/-1mA
GWV5-006EM0-600V / 0-5A4000W/VAR3ph, 3W, 2E85-135V4-12-20mA
GW5-004C0-150V / 0-5A1kW3ph, 3W, 2Eself+/-10V
GW5-004EG0-150V / 0-5A1kW3ph, 3W, 2Eself4-20mA
GWV5-006X50-600V / 0-5A4000W/VAR3ph, 3W, 2E85-135V+/-5V
GW5-001A0-150V / 0-5A500W1ph, 2W, 1Eself+/-1mA
GW5-001C0-150V / 0-5A500W1ph, 2W, 1Eself+/-10V
GW5-001EG0-150V / 0-5A500W1ph, 2W, 1Eself4-20mA
GW5-001EMG0-150V / 0-5A500W1ph, 2W, 1Eself4-12-20mA
GW5-001CX50-150V / 0-5A500W1ph, 2W, 1Eself+/-5V
GW5-001B0-150V / 0-5A500W1ph, 2W, 1E85-135V+/-1mA
GW5-001D0-150V / 0-5A500W1ph, 2W, 1E85-135V+/-10V
GW5-001E0-150V / 0-5A500W1ph, 2W, 1E85-135V4-20mA
GW5-001X50-150V / 0-5A500W1ph, 2W, 1E85-135V+/-5V
GW5-002A0-300V / 0-5A1kW1ph, 2W, 1Eself+/-1mA
GW5-002C0-300V / 0-5A1kW1ph, 2W, 1Eself+/-10V
GW5-002EG0-300V / 0-5A1kW1ph, 2W, 1Eself4-20mA
GW5-002EMG0-300V / 0-5A1kW1ph, 2W, 1Eself4-12-20mA
GW5-002CX50-300V / 0-5A1kW1ph, 2W, 1Eself+/-5V
GW5-002B0-300V / 0-5A1kW1ph, 2W, 1E85-135V+/-1mA
GW5-004EMG0-150V / 0-5A1kW3ph, 3W, 2Eself4-12-20mA
GW5-004CX50-150V / 0-5A1kW3ph, 3W, 2Eself+/-5V
GW5-004B0-150V / 0-5A1kW3ph, 3W, 2E85-135V+/-1mA
GW5-004D0-150V / 0-5A1kW3ph, 3W, 2E85-135V+/-10V
GW5-004E0-150V / 0-5A1kW3ph, 3W, 2E85-135V4-20mA
GW5-004X50-150V / 0-5A1kW3ph, 3W, 2E85-135V+/-5V
GW5-005A0-300V / 0-5A2kW3ph, 3W, 2Eself+/-1mA
GW5-005C0-300V / 0-5A2kW3ph, 3W, 2Eself+/-10V
GW5-005EG0-300V / 0-5A2kW3ph, 3W, 2Eself4-20mA
GW5-005EMG0-300V / 0-5A2kW3ph, 3W, 2Eself4-12-20mA
GW5-005CX50-300V / 0-5A2kW3ph, 3W, 2Eself+/-5V
GW5-005B0-300V / 0-5A2kW3ph, 3W, 2E85-135V+/-1mA
GW5-005D0-300V / 0-5A2kW3ph, 3W, 2E85-135V+/-10V
GW5-005E0-300V / 0-5A2kW3ph, 3W, 2E85-135V4-20mA
GW5-005X50-300V / 0-5A2kW3ph, 3W, 2E85-135V+/-5V
GW5-006A0-600V / 0-5A4kW3ph, 3W, 2Eself+/-1mA
GW5-006C0-600V / 0-5A4kW3ph, 3W, 2Eself+/-10V
GW5-006EG0-600V / 0-5A4kW3ph, 3W, 2Eself4-20mA
GW5-006EMG0-600V / 0-5A4kW3ph, 3W, 2Eself4-12-20mA
GW5-006CX50-600V / 0-5A4kW3ph, 3W, 2Eself+/-5V
GW5-006B0-600V / 0-5A4kW3ph, 3W, 2E85-135V+/-1mA
GW5-006D0-600V / 0-5A4kW3ph, 3W, 2E85-135V+/-10V
GW5-006E0-600V / 0-5A4kW3ph, 3W, 2E85-135V4-20mA
GW5-006X50-600V / 0-5A4kW3ph, 3W, 2E85-135V+/-5V
GW5-007A0-150V L-N / 0-5A1.5kW3ph, 4W, 3Eself+/-1mA
GW5-007C0-150V L-N / 0-5A1.5kW3ph, 4W, 3Eself+/-10V
GW5-007EG0-150V L-N / 0-5A1.5kW3ph, 4W, 3Eself4-20mA
GW5-007EMG0-150V L-N / 0-5A1.5kW3ph, 4W, 3Eself4-12-20mA
GW5-007CX50-150V L-N / 0-5A1.5kW3ph, 4W, 3Eself+/-5V
GW5-007B0-150V L-N / 0-5A1.5kW3ph, 4W, 3E85-135V+/-1mA
GW5-007D0-150V L-N / 0-5A1.5kW3ph, 4W, 3E85-135V+/-10V
GW5-007E0-150V L-N / 0-5A1.5kW3ph, 4W, 3E85-135V4-20mA
GW5-007X50-150V L-N / 0-5A1.5kW3ph, 4W, 3E85-135V+/-5V
GW5-008A0-300V L-N / 0-5A3kW3ph, 4W, 3Eself+/-1mA
GW5-008C0-300V L-N / 0-5A3kW3ph, 4W, 3Eself+/-10V
GW5-008EG0-300V L-N / 0-5A3kW3ph, 4W, 3Eself4-20mA
GW5-008EMG0-300V L-N / 0-5A3kW3ph, 4W, 3Eself4-12-20mA
GW5-008CX50-300V L-N / 0-5A3kW3ph, 4W, 3Eself+/-5V
GW5-008B0-300V L-N / 0-5A3kW3ph, 4W, 3E85-135V+/-1mA
GW5-008D0-300V L-N / 0-5A3kW3ph, 4W, 3E85-135V+/-10V
GW5-008E0-300V L-N / 0-5A3kW3ph, 4W, 3E85-135V4-20mA
GW5-008X50-300V L-N / 0-5A3kW3ph, 4W, 3E85-135V+/-5V
GW5-7.5A0-150V L-N / 0-5A1.5kW3ph, 4W, 2.5Eself+/-1mA
GW5-7.5C0-150V L-N / 0-5A1.5kW3ph, 4W, 2.5Eself+/-10V
GW5-7.5EG0-150V L-N / 0-5A1.5kW3ph, 4W, 2.5Eself4-20mA
GW5-7.5EMG0-150V L-N / 0-5A1.5kW3ph, 4W, 2.5Eself4-12-20mA
GW5-7.5CX50-150V L-N / 0-5A1.5kW3ph, 4W, 2.5Eself+/-5V
GW5-7.5B0-150V L-N / 0-5A1.5kW3ph, 4W, 2.5E85-135V+/-1mA
GW5-7.5D0-150V L-N / 0-5A1.5kW3ph, 4W, 2.5E85-135V+/-10V
GW5-7.5E0-150V L-N / 0-5A1.5kW3ph, 4W, 2.5E85-135V4-20mA
GW5-7.5X50-150V L-N / 0-5A1.5kW3ph, 4W, 2.5E85-135V+/-5V
GW5-8.5A0-300V L-N / 0-5A3kW3ph, 4W, 2.5Eself+/-1mA
GW5-8.5C0-300V L-N / 0-5A3kW3ph, 4W, 2.5Eself+/-10V
GW5-8.5EG0-300V L-N / 0-5A3kW3ph, 4W, 2.5Eself4-20mA
GW5-8.5EMG0-300V L-N / 0-5A3kW3ph, 4W, 2.5Eself4-12-20mA
GW5-8.5CX50-300V L-N / 0-5A3kW3ph, 4W, 2.5Eself+/-5V
GW5-8.5B0-300V L-N / 0-5A3kW3ph, 4W, 2.5E85-135V+/-1mA
GW5-8.5D0-300V L-N / 0-5A3kW3ph, 4W, 2.5E85-135V+/-10V
GW5-8.5E0-300V L-N / 0-5A3kW3ph, 4W, 2.5E85-135V4-20mA
GW5-8.5X50-300V L-N / 0-5A3kW3ph, 4W, 2.5E85-135V+/-5V
GV5-001A0-150V / 0-5A500VAR1ph, 2W, 1Eself+/-1mA
GV5-001C0-150V / 0-5A500VAR1ph, 2W, 1Eself+/-10V
GV5-001EG0-150V / 0-5A500VAR1ph, 2W, 1Eself4-20mA
GV5-001EMG0-150V / 0-5A500VAR1ph, 2W, 1Eself4-12-20mA
GV5-001CX50-150V / 0-5A500VAR1ph, 2W, 1Eself+/-5V
GV5-001B0-150V / 0-5A500VAR1ph, 2W, 1E85-135V+/-1mA
GV5-001D0-150V / 0-5A500VAR1ph, 2W, 1E85-135V+/-10V
GV5-001E0-150V / 0-5A500VAR1ph, 2W, 1E85-135V4-20mA
GV5-001X50-150V / 0-5A500VAR1ph, 2W, 1E85-135V+/-5V
GV5-002A0-300V / 0-5A1kVAR1ph, 2W, 1Eself+/-1mA
GV5-002C0-300V / 0-5A1kVAR1ph, 2W, 1Eself+/-10V
GV5-002EG0-300V / 0-5A1kVAR1ph, 2W, 1Eself4-20mA
GV5-002EMG0-300V / 0-5A1kVAR1ph, 2W, 1Eself4-12-20mA
GV5-002CX50-300V / 0-5A1kVAR1ph, 2W, 1Eself+/-5V
GV5-002B0-300V / 0-5A1kVAR1ph, 2W, 1E85-135V+/-1mA
GV5-002D0-300V / 0-5A1kVAR1ph, 2W, 1E85-135V+/-10V
GV5-002E0-300V / 0-5A1kVAR1ph, 2W, 1E85-135V4-20mA
GV5-002X50-300V / 0-5A1kVAR1ph, 2W, 1E85-135V+/-5V
GV5-003A0-600V / 0-5A2kVAR1ph, 2W, 1Eself+/-1mA
GV5-003C0-600V / 0-5A2kVAR1ph, 2W, 1Eself+/-10V
GV5-003EG0-600V / 0-5A2kVAR1ph, 2W, 1Eself4-20mA
GV5-003EMG0-600V / 0-5A2kVAR1ph, 2W, 1Eself4-12-20mA
GV5-003CX50-600V / 0-5A2kVAR1ph, 2W, 1Eself+/-5V
GV5-003B0-600V / 0-5A2kVAR1ph, 2W, 1E85-135V+/-1mA
GV5-003D0-600V / 0-5A2kVAR1ph, 2W, 1E85-135V+/-10V
GV5-003E0-600V / 0-5A2kVAR1ph, 2W, 1E85-135V4-20mA
GV5-003X50-600V / 0-5A2kVAR1ph, 2W, 1E85-135V+/-5V
GV5-004A0-150V / 0-5A1kVAR3ph, 3W, 2Eself+/-1mA
GV5-004C0-150V / 0-5A1kVAR3ph, 3W, 2Eself+/-10V
GV5-004EG0-150V / 0-5A1kVAR3ph, 3W, 2Eself4-20mA
GV5-004EMG0-150V / 0-5A1kVAR3ph, 3W, 2Eself4-12-20mA
GV5-004CX50-150V / 0-5A1kVAR3ph, 3W, 2Eself+/-5V
GV5-004B0-150V / 0-5A1kVAR3ph, 3W, 2E85-135V+/-1mA
GV5-004D0-150V / 0-5A1kVAR3ph, 3W, 2E85-135V+/-10V
GV5-004E0-150V / 0-5A1kVAR3ph, 3W, 2E85-135V4-20mA
GV5-004X50-150V / 0-5A1kVAR3ph, 3W, 2E85-135V+/-5V
GV5-005A0-300V / 0-5A2kVAR3ph, 3W, 2Eself+/-1mA
GV5-005C0-300V / 0-5A2kVAR3ph, 3W, 2Eself+/-10V
GV5-005EG0-300V / 0-5A2kVAR3ph, 3W, 2Eself4-20mA
GV5-005EMG0-300V / 0-5A2kVAR3ph, 3W, 2Eself4-12-20mA
GV5-005CX50-300V / 0-5A2kVAR3ph, 3W, 2Eself+/-5V
GV5-005B0-300V / 0-5A2kVAR3ph, 3W, 2E85-135V+/-1mA
GV5-005D0-300V / 0-5A2kVAR3ph, 3W, 2E85-135V+/-10V
GV5-005E0-300V / 0-5A2kVAR3ph, 3W, 2E85-135V4-20mA
GV5-005X50-300V / 0-5A2kVAR3ph, 3W, 2E85-135V+/-5V
GV5-006A0-600V / 0-5A4kVAR3ph, 3W, 2Eself+/-1mA
GV5-006C0-600V / 0-5A4kVAR3ph, 3W, 2Eself+/-10V
GV5-006EG0-600V / 0-5A4kVAR3ph, 3W, 2Eself4-20mA
GV5-006EMG0-600V / 0-5A4kVAR3ph, 3W, 2Eself4-12-20mA
GV5-006CX50-600V / 0-5A4kVAR3ph, 3W, 2Eself+/-5V
GV5-006B0-600V / 0-5A4kVAR3ph, 3W, 2E85-135V+/-1mA
GV5-006D0-600V / 0-5A4kVAR3ph, 3W, 2E85-135V+/-10V
GV5-006E0-600V / 0-5A4kVAR3ph, 3W, 2E85-135V4-20mA
GV5-006X50-600V / 0-5A4kVAR3ph, 3W, 2E85-135V+/-5V
GV5-007A0-150V L-N / 0-5A1.5kVAR3ph, 4W, 3Eself+/-1mA
GV5-007C0-150V L-N / 0-5A1.5kVAR3ph, 4W, 3Eself+/-10V
GV5-007EG0-150V L-N / 0-5A1.5kVAR3ph, 4W, 3Eself4-20mA
GV5-007EMG0-150V L-N / 0-5A1.5kVAR3ph, 4W, 3Eself4-12-20mA
GV5-007CX50-150V L-N / 0-5A1.5kVAR3ph, 4W, 3Eself+/-5V
GV5-007B0-150V L-N / 0-5A1.5kVAR3ph, 4W, 3E85-135V+/-1mA
GV5-007D0-150V L-N / 0-5A1.5kVAR3ph, 4W, 3E85-135V+/-10V
GV5-007E0-150V L-N / 0-5A1.5kVAR3ph, 4W, 3E85-135V4-20mA
GV5-007X50-150V L-N / 0-5A1.5kVAR3ph, 4W, 3E85-135V+/-5V
GV5-008A0-300V L-N / 0-5A3kVAR3ph, 4W, 3Eself+/-1mA
GV5-008C0-300V L-N / 0-5A3kVAR3ph, 4W, 3Eself+/-10V
GV5-008EG0-300V L-N / 0-5A3kVAR3ph, 4W, 3Eself4-20mA
GV5-008EMG0-300V L-N / 0-5A3kVAR3ph, 4W, 3Eself4-12-20mA
GV5-008CX50-300V L-N / 0-5A3kVAR3ph, 4W, 3Eself+/-5V
GV5-008B0-300V L-N / 0-5A3kVAR3ph, 4W, 3E85-135V+/-1mA
GV5-008D0-300V L-N / 0-5A3kVAR3ph, 4W, 3E85-135V+/-10V
GV5-008E0-300V L-N / 0-5A3kVAR3ph, 4W, 3E85-135V4-20mA
GV5-008X50-300V L-N / 0-5A3kVAR3ph, 4W, 3E85-135V+/-5V
GV5-7.5A0-150V L-N / 0-5A1.5kVAR3ph, 4W, 2.5Eself+/-1mA
GV5-7.5C0-150V L-N / 0-5A1.5kVAR3ph, 4W, 2.5Eself+/-10V
GV5-7.5EG0-150V L-N / 0-5A1.5kVAR3ph, 4W, 2.5Eself4-20mA
GV5-7.5EMG0-150V L-N / 0-5A1.5kVAR3ph, 4W, 2.5Eself4-12-20mA
GV5-7.5CX50-150V L-N / 0-5A1.5kVAR3ph, 4W, 2.5Eself+/-5V
GV5-7.5B0-150V L-N / 0-5A1.5kVAR3ph, 4W, 2.5E85-135V+/-1mA
GV5-7.5D0-150V L-N / 0-5A1.5kVAR3ph, 4W, 2.5E85-135V+/-10V
GV5-7.5E0-150V L-N / 0-5A1.5kVAR3ph, 4W, 2.5E85-135V4-20mA
GV5-7.5X50-150V L-N / 0-5A1.5kVAR3ph, 4W, 2.5E85-135V+/-5V
GV5-8.5A0-300V L-N / 0-5A3kVAR3ph, 4W, 2.5Eself+/-1mA
GV5-8.5C0-300V L-N / 0-5A3kVAR3ph, 4W, 2.5Eself+/-10V
GV5-8.5EG0-300V L-N / 0-5A3kVAR3ph, 4W, 2.5Eself4-20mA
GV5-8.5EMG0-300V L-N / 0-5A3kVAR3ph, 4W, 2.5Eself4-12-20mA
GV5-8.5CX50-300V L-N / 0-5A3kVAR3ph, 4W, 2.5Eself+/-5V
GV5-8.5B0-300V L-N / 0-5A3kVAR3ph, 4W, 2.5E85-135V+/-1mA
GV5-8.5D0-300V L-N / 0-5A3kVAR3ph, 4W, 2.5E85-135V+/-10V
GV5-8.5E0-300V L-N / 0-5A3kVAR3ph, 4W, 2.5E85-135V4-20mA
GV5-8.5X50-300V L-N / 0-5A3kVAR3ph, 4W, 2.5E85-135V+/-5V
GWV5-001A0-150V / 0-5A500W/VAR1ph, 2W, 1Eself+/-1mA
GWV5-001C0-150V / 0-5A500W/VAR1ph, 2W, 1Eself+/-10V
GWV5-001EG0-150V / 0-5A500W/VAR1ph, 2W, 1Eself4-20mA
GWV5-001CX50-150V / 0-5A500W/VAR1ph, 2W, 1Eself+/-5V
GWV5-004A0-150V / 0-5A1000W/VAR3ph, 3W, 2Eself+/-1mA
GWV5-004C0-150V / 0-5A1000W/VAR3ph, 3W, 2Eself+/-10V
GWV5-004EG0-150V / 0-5A1000W/VAR3ph, 3W, 2Eself4-20mA
GWV5-004CX50-150V / 0-5A1000W/VAR3ph, 3W, 2Eself+/-5V
GWV5-007A0-150V L-N / 0-5A1500W/VAR3ph, 4W, 3Eself+/-1mA
GWV5-007C0-150V L-N / 0-5A1500W/VAR3ph, 4W, 3Eself+/-10V
GWV5-007EG0-150V L-N / 0-5A1500W/VAR3ph, 4W, 3Eself4-20mA
GWV5-007CX50-150V L-N / 0-5A1500W/VAR3ph, 4W, 3Eself+/-5V
GWV5-002B0-150V / 0-5A500W/VAR1ph, 2W, 1E85-135V+/-1mA
GWV5-002D0-150V / 0-5A500W/VAR1ph, 2W, 1E85-135V+/-10V
GWV5-002E0-150V / 0-5A500W/VAR1ph, 2W, 1E85-135V4-20mA
GWV5-002EM0-150V / 0-5A500W/VAR1ph, 2W, 1E85-135V4-12-20mA
GWV5-002X50-150V / 0-5A500W/VAR1ph, 2W, 1E85-135V+/-5V
GWV5-005B0-150V / 0-5A1000W/VAR3ph, 3W, 2E85-135V+/-1mA
GWV5-005D0-150V / 0-5A1000W/VAR3ph, 3W, 2E85-135V+/-10V
GWV5-005E0-150V / 0-5A1000W/VAR3ph, 3W, 2E85-135V4-20mA
GWV5-005EM0-150V / 0-5A1000W/VAR3ph, 3W, 2E85-135V4-12-20mA
GWV5-005X50-150V / 0-5A1000W/VAR3ph, 3W, 2E85-135V+/-5V
GWV5-008B0-150V L-N / 0-5A1500W/VAR3ph, 4W, 3E85-135V+/-1mA
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