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Fiesta Series Frequency Meters, 120V – Crompton


The Crompton Fiesta Series (Model 016) is a robust range of short-scale 3½” surface-mount panel meters offering IP55 protection and featuring a wide view contoured window. The Fiesta range includes iron vane and moving coil AC and DC ammeters and voltmeters, elapsed time and frequency meters and is ideally suited for demanding environmental conditions. Options include a panel gasket.


  • Dust and Water Jet Protected to IP55 (IEC529)
  • Withstands High Levels of Shock, Vibration, Dirt and Humidity
  • The Contoured Window Gives an Exceptionally Wide Viewing Angle
  • Complies with ANSI-C39 (IEC 51)
  • UL Approval for Short Scale Ammeters, Voltmeters, Frequency Meters and Elapsed Time Meters on Selected Ranges. File Number E87815
  • Instruments Comply with BSEN61010-1 Meets IEC414 (BS5458) Dielectric Test (2600V for 1 min)
  • IP55 (NEMA 4)
  • Self Contained 40/70Hz

On request the following are available:

      • Supplementary Pointer
      • Non-Reflecting Window
      • Heavily Damped Movement
      • Panel Gasket
      • Clamp Band Fixing
      • Colored Internal Gasket
      • Self Contained

Alternate voltage rating 200-250V use code RN instead of PN

Alternate voltage rating 380-480V use code SE instead of PN

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016-41SA-PNAG-AG45-55 Hz50 Hz-0.15
016-41SA-PNAJ-AJ45-65 Hz50 Hz-0.25
016-41SA-PNAN-AN55-65 Hz60 Hz-0.15
016-41SA-PNAO-AO56-64 Hz60 Hz-0.25
016-41SA-PNBI-BI360-440 Hz400 Hz-1.25
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