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Loop Powered Process Digital/Bargraph Indicator MLX Series – Yokogawa


The MLX is a loop-powered indicator operating from a 4-20 mA DC input. This model uses the same explosion-proof housing as the MLA and MLD, and incorporates the LCD display from the EJX pressure transmitter.

The display itself contains a 6 digit numerical display, a 6 digit alphanumeric display for engineering units and a 20 segment bar graph indicating 0 to 100% of full scale. The display is user-configurable to show the desired engineering units. Another unique feature is square root extraction from a pressure transmitter signal for flow measurement. Please consult our general specification or instruction manual regarding product-related details, options, mounting and wiring.

Bargraph Indicator Specs

Yokogawa-MLX-DS                  Yokogawa-MLX-Manual

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