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Electronic LCD Hour Meter/Counter – ENM


ENM’s new series (T1100 hour),  (C1100 Up Counter) & (D1100 Down Counter) features a 6-digit, 7 segment LCD display. The accumulated hours or counts are stored on powerless non-volatile data backup using CMOS EEPROM technology, where small space and reliable instruments are required with memory that does not rely on a battery. Both meters are ideal for pc board design and/or maintenance applications. Hour meter module displays hourglass and decimal points.

  • 6 digit LCD Display
  • Non-volatile Memory
  • Up/down Counting
  • Resettable
  • Shock Resistant
LCD Hour Meter Specs LCD Hour Meter

Catalog Page 129                      ENM-T112-T113-T114

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Item # Type Style Finish Display
T1141ASTimerRectangular Clip MountStainless99999.9
T1141ABTimerRectangular Clip MountBlack99999.9
C1141ABUp CounterRectangular Clip MountBlack0 to 999999
C1141ASUp CounterRectangular Clip MountStainless0 to 999999
D1141ABDown CounterRectangular Clip MountBlack999999 to 0
D1141ASDown CounterRectangular Clip MountStainless999999 to 0
T1131ABTimerClip MountBlack99999.9
T1121ABTimerScrew MountBlack99999.9
T1121ASTimerScrew MountStainless99999.9
T1131ASTimerClip MountStainless99999.9
C1121ABUp CounterScrew MountBlack0 to 999999
C1121ASUp CounterScrew MountStainless0 to 999999
C1131ASUp CounterClip MountStainless0 to 999999
C1131ABUp CounterClip MountBlack0 to 999999
D1121ABDown CounterScrew MountBlack999999 to 0
D1121ASDown CounterScrew MountStainless999999 to 0
D1131ABDown CounterClip MountBlack999999 to 0
D1131ASDown CounterClip MountStainless999999 to 0
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