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Electro Industries Advanced Power Meter – Shark 200 Series


Electro Industries Shark® 200 metering system is an ultra-compact power metering device providing industry-leading revenue metering functionality combined with advanced data logging, power quality, communication and I/O traditionally found only in high performance and high-cost systems. This product is designed to incorporate advanced features in a cost-effective, small package, for large scale, low-cost deployment within an electrical distribution system.

Shark 200 Series

  • Multifunction TRMS Measurements
  • Energy and Demand Metering 0.2% Accuracy Class
  • Bright 0.56″ 3 Line LED Display
  • % of Load Bar for Analog Perception
  • Programmable CT & PT Ratios
  • Modbus and DNP Protocol
  • RS-485, Ethernet & IrDA communication
Shark 200 Series Specs

For power measurement without digital display,  Electro Industries Advanced Power Transducers     see  in the Sensor/Transducer section.

Catalog Page 026               Shark 200 Datasheet

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