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DC Voltmeters Switchboard (Analog/Digital) – Crompton


Crompton Instruments model 007-DI features a combination of the traditional 250° 4½” switchboard indicator with the trend indication plus the benefits of wide angle LED visibility. This rugged shock and vibration resistant design provides precision accuracy and instantaneous reading via the bright in-dial mounted 3½” digit LED display.

Model 007-DI digital analog indicators are ideal for all applications where moving pointer instruments are preferable to indicate trend with the simultaneous display of a high visibility precision LED readout for increased user interface. The 007-DI is interchangeable with other analog and digital instruments designed to directly mount in to a standard ANSI-C39. 4½” switchboard cut-out.

Available in side, center, or off-set zero versions, the 007-DI can accept AC and DC current and voltage inputs as well as a wide range of transducer outputs, making it suitable for a variety of other applications including low-load current, temperature, speed, Watt/VArs, percent and level.

  • Rugged taut bank construction
  • 3½” digit LED display
  • Wide selection of inputs
  • Standard ANSI 4½” switchboard mounting
  • Digital accuracy ±0.1% ±1 counts, analog accuracy ±1%.
    Custom scales & custom ranges on request.


DC Voltmeters Switchboard Specs

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Item # Rating Scaling Power Supply
007-DIVA-KAKA-MU200mV0-200mV12 Volts DC
007-DIVA-LALA-MU1V0-1V12 Volts DC
007-DIVA-MTMT-MU10V0-10V120-250 Volts AC/DC
007-DIVA-LSLS-MU5V0-5V12 Volts DC
007-DIVA-PZPZ-MU150V0-150V12 Volts DC
007-DIVA-SJSJ-MU600V0-600V12 Volts DC
007-DINA-SJSJ-MU300-0-300V300-0-300V12 Volts DC
007-DIVA-RXRX-MU300V0-300V12 Volts DC
007-DINA-SJSJ-NR300-0-300V300-0-300V48 Volts DC
007-DINA-RXRX-MU150-0-150V150-0-150V12 Volts DC
007-DIVA-SJSJ-NR600V0-600V48 Volts DC
007-DINA-SUSU-NR600-0-600V600-0-600V48 Volts DC
007-DIVA-PZPZ-NR150V0-150V48 Volts DC
007-DIVA-LSLS-NR5V0-5V48 Volts DC
007-DIVA-RXRX-NR300V0-300V48 Volts DC
007-DIVA-MTMT-NR10V0-10V48 Volts DC
007-DINA-SUSU-BD600-0-600V600-0-600V24 Volts DC
007-DIVA-RXRX-BD300V0-300V24 Volts DC
007-DIVA-KAKA-NR200mV0-200mV48 Volts DC
007-DIVA-LALA-NR1V0-1V48 Volts DC
007-DINA-SJSJ-BD300-0-300V300-0-300V24 Volts DC
007-DINA-RXRX-BD150-0-150V150-0-150V24 Volts DC
007-DIVA-PZPZ-BD150V0-150V24 Volts DC
007-DIVA-LSLS-BD5V0-5V24 Volts DC
007-DINA-SUSU-MU600-0-600V600-0-600V12 Volts DC
007-DIVA-KAKA-BD200mV0-200mV24 Volts DC
007-DINA-RXRX-NR150-0-150V150-0-150V48 Volts DC
007-DIVA-LALA-BD1V0-1V24 Volts DC
007-DIVA-MTMT-BD10V0-10V24 Volts DC
007-DIVA-SJSJ-A2600V0-600V12-48 Volts DC
007-DIVA-PZPZ-A5150V0-150V120-250 Volts AC/DC
007-DINA-SJSJ-A2300-0-300V300-0-300V12-48 Volts DC
007-DIVA-SJSJ-BD600V0-600V24 Volts DC
007-DIVA-KAKA-A2200mV0-200mV12-48 Volts DC
007-DIVA-RXRX-A2300V0-300V12-48 Volts DC
007-DINA-SUSU-PQ600-0-600V600-0-600V120 Volts AC
007-DIVA-LSLS-A55V0-5V120-250 Volts AC/DC
007-DIVA-LALA-PQ1V0-1V120 Volts AC
007-DINA-RXRX-A2150-0-150V150-0-150V12-48 Volts DC
007-DINA-SJSJ-PQ300-0-300V300-0-300V120 Volts AC
007-DINA-SJSJ-PS300-0-300V300-0-300V125 Volts DC
007-DIVA-SJSJ-A5600V0-600V120-250 Volts AC/DC
007-DINA-RXRX-PS150-0-150V150-0-150V125 Volts DC
007-DIVA-LALA-A51V0-1V120-250 Volts AC/DC
007-DIVA-SJSJ-PQ600V0-600V120 Volts AC
007-DIVA-MTMT-A510V0-10V120-250 Volts AC/DC
007-DIVA-PZPZ-A2150V0-150V12-48 Volts DC
007-DIVA-MTMT-PR10V0-10V120 Volts DC
007-DIVA-PZPZ-PQ150V0-150V120 Volts AC
007-DIVA-RXRX-PQ300V0-300V120 Volts AC
007-DIVA-SJSJ-PS600V0-600V125 Volts DC
007-DINA-RXRX-PQ150-0-150V150-0-150V120 Volts AC
007-DIVA-MTMT-A210V0-10V12-48 Volts DC
007-DIVA-PZPZ-PR150V0-150V120 Volts DC
007-DIVA-LSLS-A25V0-5V12-48 Volts DC
007-DIVA-LSLS-PS5V0-5V125 Volts DC
007-DIVA-SJSJ-PR600V0-600V120 Volts DC
007-DINA-RXRX-PR150-0-150V150-0-150V120 Volts DC
007-DINA-SUSU-PR600-0-600V600-0-600V120 Volts DC
007-DIVA-RXRX-PR300V0-300V120 Volts DC
007-DIVA-KAKA-PR200mV0-200mV120 Volts DC
007-DIVA-MTMT-PS10V0-10V125 Volts DC
007-DIVA-KAKA-PS200mV0-200mV125 Volts DC
007-DINA-SUSU-A5600-0-600V600-0-600V120-250 Volts AC/DC
007-DINA-SJSJ-PR300-0-300V300-0-300V120 Volts DC
007-DIVA-LALA-PR1V0-1V120 Volts DC
007-DINA-SUSU-PS600-0-600V600-0-600V125 Volts DC
007-DIVA-MTMT-PQ10V0-10V120 Volts AC
007-DIVA-PZPZ-PS150V0-150V125 Volts DC
007-DIVA-LSLS-PQ5V0-5V120 Volts AC
007-DIVA-LSLS-PR5V0-5V120 Volts DC
007-DIVA-LALA-PS1V0-1V125 Volts DC
007-DIVA-RXRX-PS300V0-300V125 Volts DC
007-DIVA-KAKA-PQ200mV0-200mV120 Volts AC
007-DINA-SUSU-A2600-0-600V600-0-600V12-48 Volts DC
007-DINA-RXRX-A5150-0-150V150-0-150V120-250 Volts AC/DC
007-DIVA-LALA-A21V0-1V12-48 Volts DC
007-DIVA-RXRX-A5300V0-300V120-250 Volts AC/DC
007-DINA-SJSJ-A5300-0-300V300-0-300V120-250 Volts AC/DC
007-DIVA-KAKA-A5200mV0-200mV120-250 Volts AC/DC
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