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DC to DC Splitter / Isolator / Transmitter – API


The APD4930 IsoSplitter accepts a DC voltage or current input and provides two optically isolated DC voltage or current outputs that are linearly related to the input. The input range and each output range are independent and can be specified as required. This provides an economical solution when one signal must be sent to two different devices.

The input signal is filtered, amplified, split, and then passed through an optocoupler to the output stages. Full 4-way isolation (input, output 1, output 2, power) makes this module useful for ground loop elimination, common mode signal rejection, and noise pickup reduction. Two LoopTracker LEDs (one for each output channel) vary in intensity with changes in the process output signals. These save time during initial startup and/or troubleshooting.

  • One Input to Two Outputs with Full Isolation
  • Zero and Span for Each Output
  • 1200V Input/Output /Power Isolation
  • Output LoopTracker LEDs
  • Output Test/Manual Override for Each Channel
  • Built-In Loop Power Supply for Sink/Source Input
DC to DC Splitter Specs

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