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Contact/Laser Photo Tachometer – Extech


Extech 461995: Combination Contact and Non-contact rpm measurements with a laser. This Tachometer provides both contact (0. 5 to 19,999 RPM) and non-contact (10 to 99,999 RPM) RPM measurement functions for use in virtually all applications. Laser-guided non-contact measurements up to 6.5 ft. (2 meter) away for added safety and convenience. Comes with wheels for linear surface speed (0.2 to 6560 ft. /minute; 0.05 to 1999.9 m/minute) or RPM measurements, 4 AA batteries, 23 in. (0.6 m) reflective tape, carrying case, and user manual.

  • Laser guided non-contact measurements to 6.5ft (2m)
  • Characters on display reverse for easy reading (photo/contact mode)
  • Hold button stores last reading for 5 minutes
  • Min/Max memory
  • Complete with wheels, AA batteries, reflective tape, carrying case

Catalog Page 171                  Extech 461895_461995

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Item # Display Range Accuracy Resolution Dimensions
EX/46199599999 countsft/min: 0.2 to 6560 m/min: 0.05 to 1999.9 rpm: 10 to 99999 photo; 0.5 to 20000 contact±0.05% ±1d0.1 rpm8.5 x 6.1 x 1.5 in 216 x 66 x 38 mm
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