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CA330 – RTD Calibrator – Yokogawa


The CA330 is a dedicated calibrator for performing inspections and calibrations of 14 RTD types. Its high accuracy of ±0.3℃ error is top in class, both to source a resistance output and measure the sensor output.

The CA300 Series is a high accuracy source/measure handheld calibrators used to inspect and maintain the accuracy of control devices such as temperature controllers, temperature transmitters, temperature sensors and other process devices that are used in process plants, industry machinery, and manufacturing. Available in 3 models, the CA310 (voltage/current), CA320 (Thermocouple), and CA330 (RTD) provide an ergonomic and friendly user-interface making it easy to use.

  • Source/Measure 16 RTD types
  • 0.3°C basic accuracy
  • 2/3/4-wire
  • Step, ramp & sweep
  • Dual display (° & Ω or %)
RTD Calibrator Specs

Catalog Page 165a                    CA330 Datasheet

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