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DC Current Switchboard Meters – Yokogawa DB40 Replacements


The Yokogawa DB-40 Analog Switchboard Instruments complies with the American ANSI-C39.1 accuracy class 1 specification. Available in the 4½” case size, their rugged design characteristics meet the needs of the most demanding environment applications. Engineering know-how, based on time-proven designs and worldwide use, is built into every switchboard instrument.

  •  No Shadows on Scale
  •  Accurate to Within ±1% FS
  •  Metal Case
  •  Zero Left, Zero Center & Ground Type Voltmeters
  •  Zero Left, Suppressed Zero & Shunt Rated Ammeters
  •  UL Recognition (optional

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Call for Direct Replacement of Yokogawa DB-40 Analog Switchboard Series

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Item # Name Model Type Rating Scale
103111LALA.-MCSDC Microammeter0-200 uADC0-200
103111EGEG-MCSDC Microammeter0-300 uADC0-300
103111EMEM-MCSDC Microammeter0-500 UADC0-500
103111FAFA-MCSDC Milliammeter0-1 mADC0-1
103111FGFG-MCSDC Milliammeter0-2 mADC0-2
103111FXFX-MCSDC Milliammeter0-5 mADC0-5
103111GZGZ-MCSDC Milliammeter0-10 mADC0-10
103111HMHM-MCSDC Milliammeter0-30 mADC0-30
103111HYHY-MCSDC Milliammeter0-50 mADC0-50
103111JRJR-MCSDC Milliammeter0-100 mADC0-100
103111KAKA-MCSDC Milliammeter0-200 mADC0-200
103111KGKG-MCSDC Milliammeter0-300 mADC0-300
103111KMKM-MCSDC Milliammeter0-500 mADC0-500
103111LALA-MCSDC Ammeter - Self Contained0-1 ADC0-1
103111LSLS-MCSDC Ammeter - Self Contained0-5 ADC0-5
103111MTMT-MCSDC Ammeter - Self Contained0-10 ADC0-10
103111NDND-MCSDC Ammeter - Self Contained0-15 ADC0-15
103111NGNG-MCSDC Ammeter - Self Contained0-20 ADC0-20
103111NLNL-MCSDC Ammeter - Self Contained0-30 ADC0-30
103121AB**-MCSDC Ammeter - Shunt Rated50 mVDCSpecify
103121AE**-MCSDC Ammeter - Shunt Rated100 mVDCSpecify
103121CAND-MCSDC Ammeter - Shunt Rated50 mVDC0-15
103121CANG-MCSDC Ammeter - Shunt Rated50 mVDC0-20
103121CANL-MCSDC Ammeter - Shunt Rated50 mVDC0-30
103121CANP-MCSDC Ammeter - Shunt Rated50 mVDC0-40
103121CANT-MCSDC Ammeter - Shunt Rated50 mVDC0-50
103121CAPB-MCSDC Ammeter - Shunt Rated50 mVDC0-75
103121CAPK-MCSDC Ammeter - Shunt Rated50 mVDC0-100
103121CAPZ-MCSDC Ammeter - Shunt Rated50 mVDC0-150
103121CARL-MCSDC Ammeter - Shunt Rated50 mVDC0-200
103121CARX-MCSDC Ammeter - Shunt Rated50 mVDC0-300
103121CASC-MCSDC Ammeter - Shunt Rated50 mVDC0-400
103121CASF-MCSDC Ammeter - Shunt Rated50 mVDC0-500
103121CASM-MCSDC Ammeter - Shunt Rated50 mVDC0-750
103121CASS-MCSDC Ammeter - Shunt Rated50 mVDC0-1000
103121CASV-MCSDC Ammeter - Shunt Rated50 mVDC0-1200
103121CATC-MCSDC Ammeter - Shunt Rated50 mVDC0-1500
103121CATM-MCSDC Ammeter - Shunt Rated50 mVDC0-2000
103121CAUA-MCSDC Ammeter - Shunt Rated50 mVDC0-3000
103122AB**-MCSDC Ammeter - Shunt Rated50-0-50 mVDCSpecify
103122AE**-MCSDC Ammeter - Shunt Rated100-0-100 mVDCSpecify
103191FY**-MCSDC Ammeter Process Input1-5 mADCSpecify
103191HE**-MCSDC Ammeter Process Input4-20 mADCSpecify
103191HX**Byram DC Current Switchboard Meters - MCS SeriesMCSDC Ammeter Process Input10-50 mADCSpecify
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