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BG Series Large Edgewise Bargraphs – Weschler


The Weschler BG Series Large BarGraphs include single and multiple channel models BD101, PG101 and PG202. These large Bargraphs directly retrofit Hays, Bailey and Dixson draft gauges. Bars are available in red, green or amber for easy viewing. Weschler’s LED Bargraphs combine the visual indication of an analog instrument with the precision of a digital instrument.

The BD101 Bargraph has a 12″ edgewise display with 101 bar segments. Large digits and a wide viewing angle allow operators to easily monitor the signal from a distance. The BD101 can be ordered as a single channel unit or ganged into a multichannel unit to simplify installation.

The PG Series Bargraphs have a 10″ edgewise display with a 51 segment LED bar. One and two channel models are available. Setpoints and other parameters on the PG101/202 are easily entered from the front panel. Analog retransmit and digital communications are optional.

Weschler Bargraphs can be configured for a wide range of input signals. These instruments satisfy the high quality standards of the utility, OEM and process control industries.


  • High resolution 51 or 101 segment LED bar array
  • 3 and 4 digit displays with resolution up to 0.01%
  • Form C relay outputs
  • Trend indication for signal direction
  • Peak and Valley hold
  • RS-232 or RS-485 communication
  • Analog retransmit

Versatile selection of inputs:

  • DC – Up to 5A & 250V
  • AC – Up to 5A & 250V
  • Thermocouple – J, K, T
  • RTD – 10ohm Cu or 100ohm Pt
  • Serial – ASCII
  • Frequency – Line or mag pickup
  • Process Control – mA, V

Programmable functions:

  • Zero point location,
  • Setpoint location,
  •  Hysteresis (setpoint, trend),
  • Span and zero,
  • Digital display for engineering units,
  • Enable/disable front buttons,
  • I.D. selection for communication

Retrofit sizes for:

  • Dixson K051,
  • Hays Republic 216,
  • Bailey PG Series Draft Gauges

Use the configuration tool to select model and options for the BD-101, PG-101 & PG-202.

Large_Bargraphs_Data Sheet               Bargraph_Input_Matrix

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BG Series Large Edgewise Bargraph Meters  – Weschler

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BG Series Large Edgewise Bargraph Meters - Weschler
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