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ATP3/4 & ATPR3/4 Series AC High Current Transducers – NK Technologies


NK Technologies AC Current Transducers (ATP3, ATP4, ATPR3, ATPR4) are large-format solid-core models designed for applications from 200A to 2000A. Powered by 120 VAC or 24 VAC/VDC, these products take advantage of available power supplies and eliminate the need for costly control power transformers. Options include average responding and True RMS versions, 0–5 VDC, 0–10 VDC or 4–20 mA analog outputs and switch-selectable input ranges.

  • Large Aperture accommodates large conductors or wire bundles
  • True RMS technology is accurate on distorted wave form like those associated with VFD or SCR outputs
  • Average responding for use with linear, sinusoidal waveforms
  • Jumper-selectable ranges
  • Output is magnetically isolated from the input for safety
AC High Current Transducer ATPR Specs

ATP-ATPR-FL-Datasheet                          ATP-ATPR-Intructions

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