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The AFGF Relay is a combination Arc Flash, Overcurrent and Ground Fault Relay (with fuse conservation) for switchgear and power distribution systems ranging from 400A to 6000A.

Arc Flash & Overcurrent Relay Section: The Arc Flash/Overcurrent section is designed to minimize damage due to overcurrent & arc flash events. It features Inverse Time Delay to provide overcurrent and fuse protection while minimizing nuisance trips due to inrush and transients.
Ground Fault Section: These Class 1 Ground Fault relays with the proper CT/Sensors, are used for detecting Ground Fault Current in a grounded AC power system.

• Meets NEC service entrance equipment standards.
• Power Indication
• Maintenance Mode Select Switch (w/ connections for a remote switch)
• Maintenance Mode Indication
• Test Selection (Select Push to Test between Ground Fault and Overcurrent)
• Separate Ground Fault and Overcurrent trip contacts
• Operates with molded case power circuit breakers, bolted pressure switches, or fusible disconnect switches.

Note: The AFGF system is designed for electrical equipment protection, not specifically for personnel protection.

Input Power Options: 120 Vac
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Ground Fault: Trip currents ranges available: 100-1200A, 200-1200A and 300-1200A
Input Withstand: 200,000 Amperes RMS for 3 cycles, 50/60 Hz.
Ambient Temperature Range: -30 Deg C. to 60 Deg C.
Contact Ratings: Normally open, Dry Type, 120Vac, 5A (Make and Carry 0.2 sec, 30A)

Order corresponding CT separately.  See datasheet for dimensions.
Arc Flash, Overcurrent & Ground Fault Relay Specs

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