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APM Power Meter – Trumeter


The APM-PWR are panel mounted energy meters that measure active, reactive & apparent power, as well as many other electrical parameters. They are designed for use on single-phase and three-phase systems up to 600V & 5A direct, or with external PTs and CTs. Dynamic backlighting, in conjunction with setpoints, provides a visual alert when a parameter is out of range. Analog & digital outputs can be used to activate external alarms or control other devices.  Modbus RTU communication is standard.  A USB port is provided for easy setup using free Trumeter software.

Instantaneous Measured Parameters:
• Voltage (L-L and L-N)
• Current (L-L and L-N)
• Reactive Power (VAr)
• Active Power (W)
• Apparent Power (VA)
• Frequency (Hz)
• Power Factor (PF)
• THD Voltage & Current
• % Max Load
• Phase Angle (available on Modbus communication)
• Total Energy (kWh or kVAh)

• User selectable input scale
• 1% basic accuracy
• 4 parameter LCD display
• Triple bargraph display
• Programmable CT & PT ratios
• 10 user configurable alarms
• Dynamic backlight color
• Digital & analog outputs
• Modbus communication
• Custom alarm message

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