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Analog Voltage Detectors – Bierer Meters


Bierer analog voltage detectors for direct contact, proximity and capacitive high voltages from 40kv to 450kv.

The VDA040C tests capacitive test points and direct contact voltages to 40kV line to ground (0-69kV phase to phase). The VDAO40P detects 0-40kV line to the ground using proximity or direct contact. It also tests capacitive test points & secondary voltage on bare or insulated cables.

Both VDA040 models have a 5-position selector switch which is calibrated for height above ground to compensate for capacitive coupling effects. These detectors include overload protection to 500kV.

The VDA0300 reads 2.4-300kV line to ground (4-500kV phase to phase). The VDAO450 reads 2.4-450kV line to ground (4-765kV phase to phase). Both meters use a single range Linear/Log scale for better resolution from distribution to transmission systems. They are passive reading; the 9V battery is only required for the test position. Models with the “H” suffix come with Hold and Backlight features.

Each unit includes a straight probe, hook probe, universal/grip-all adapter, manual, carrying case.

  •  40, 300 & 450 kV models
  •  For Overhead and URD applications
  •  Easy to read analog scale
  •  Indicates Line to Ground values for nominal or induced voltage
  •  Rugged, water-resistant construction
  •  Hold & Backlight features (VDAH models)
  •  No voltage selector or multiplier (VDA300 & VDA450)

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BR/VDAH450Analog Voltage Detector 0-450kV, Direct Contact, with Hold & Backlight
BR/VDAH300Analog Voltage Detector 0-300kV, Direct Contact, with Hold & Backlight
BR/VDA040CAnalog Voltage Detector 0-40kV, Capacitive/Direct Contact
BR/VDA040PAnalog Voltage Detector 0-40kV, Proximity/Direct Contact
BR/VDA0300Analog Voltage Detector 0-300kV, Direct Contact
BR/VDA0450Analog Voltage Detector 0-450kV, Direct Contact
BR/VDAL40PAnalog Voltage Detector 0-40kV, Proximity/Direct Contact with Backlight
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