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AEMC Three-Phase Power Quality Analyzer – PowerPad III


The PowerPad® III Models 8333 and 8336 are three-phase power quality analyzers that are easy-to-use, compact and shock-resistant. It enables technicians and engineers to measure and carry out diagnostics and power quality work on single- or three-phase networks. Three current and four voltage input terminals are provided. It is IEC 61000-4-30 Class B and safety rated to 600V CAT IV.

AEMC Three-Phase Power Quality Analyzer – PowerPad III models 8333 & 8336

  • True RMS single-, two- and three-phase measurements at 256 samples/cycle, plus DC
  • Real-time color waveforms
  • Easy-to-use on-screen setup
  • Automatic current probe recognition and scaling
  • True RMS voltage and current measurement
  • Measures DC volts, amps and power
  • Display and capture voltage, current and power harmonics to 50th order, including direction, in real time
  • Capture transients down to 1/256th of a cycle
  • Phasor diagram display
  • VA, VAR and W per phase and total
  • kVAh, VARh and kWh per phase and total
  • Neutral current calculated & displayed for three-phase
  • Transformer K-factor display
  • Power Factor, displacement PF display
  • Captures up to 51 transients
  • Short-term flicker display
  • Phase unbalance (current and voltage)
  • Harmonic Distortion (total and individual) from 1st to 50th
  • Alarms, surges and sags
  • Stores comprehensive data base of logged data
  • Screen snapshot function captures waveforms or other information on the display
  • Includes DataView® software for data storage, real-time display, analysis and report generation
Three-Phase Power Quality Analyzer

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AE/2136.11PowerPad® III Model 8333 w/3 193-24-BK AmpFlex® Sensors (6500A)$4,980.00
AE/2136.12PowerPad® III Model 8333 w/3 MN193-BK Probes (5A/100A)$4,995.00
AE/2136.31PowerPad® III Model 8336 w/4 193-24-BK AmpFlex® Sensors (6500A)$6,625.00
AE/2136.32PowerPad® III Model 8336 w/4 MN193-BK Probes (5A/100A)$6,695.00
AE/2136.10PowerPad® III Model 8333 (no probes)$3,995.00
AE/2136.30PowerPad® III Model 8336 (no probes) Replacement for Model 8335$5,650.00
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