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AEMC Power Quality Analyzer PowerPad IV Model 8345


The PowerPad® IV Model 8345 is a portable, three-phase Power Quality Analyzer that is easy to use and offers the highest measurement accuracy. It provides extensive features, calculated values and processing functions, including five 1000V AC/DC channels and an internal GPS clock. These enable technicians and engineers to measure and diagnose all existing one, two or three-phase networks. The bright, 7″ color touchscreen display speeds on-screen set-up and waveform viewing. The Model 8345 is in full compliance with IEC 61000-4-30 Class A and is safety rated to 1000 V CAT IV


  • IEC 61000-4-30 Class A standard
  • 5 V to 1000 VAC and VDC Voltage
  • Sampling rates – 400 kSps voltage, 200 kSps current, and 2 MSps surge
  • Shockwaves (fast transients) up to 12 kV every 500 ns
  • Works on all existing electrical networks (single phase, three phase, wye, delta, etc.)
  • Harmonics – DC to 63rd order; interharmonics – 0 to 62nd order
  • Power W, VA, VAR (N, Q1 and D) measurements
  • USB, Ethernet, Webserver and Wi-Fi communication for easy accessibility
  • Data stored on an included external SD Card for transport flexibility
  • Capture of hundreds of 2.5 µs transients
  • IP 54 protection
  • 7-inch color TFT Display with touchscreen
  • Includes FREE DataView® software for configuring data retrieval, real-time display, analysis, and report generation
  • 3 Year Warranty (upon registration within 30 days)


  • Electrical Maintenance
  • Power factor studies
  • Load balancing & load start-up measurements
  • Overheating of the neutral conductor
  • Measurements on photovoltaic installations
  • Capacitor bank sizing
  • Transformer analysis (derating)
  • Failure of switchgear or its components
  • Tripping of circuit braker and differentials
  • Flicker monitoring & energy efficiency
  • Checking power consumption
  • Substation metering
  • Voltage quality analysis



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