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AEMC Phase & Motor Rotation Meters


AEMC Models 6610, 6611 & 6612 are ideal for installing rotating machines or motors, and checking generator output phase direction. All models are protected internally by high impedance circuitry to limit current to a user safe level.

The Model 6610 is a non-contact (no metal contact points) phase meter designed to indicate phase rotation on 3-phase systems and identify live or open/de-energized phases. It tests 3-phase power sources from 75V to 1000VAC. Phase order is determined as soon as the leads are connected and indicated by LEDs and a buzzer. Test leads are permanently attached. Soft carry case and battery are included.

The Model 6611 detects phase sequence, missing phase and motor rotation direction up to 400VAC. It operates over a wide frequency range of 2 to 400Hz. Color coded (red, black, blue) 4 ft. test leads, soft carry case and battery are included with the 6611.

The Model 6612 is a phase rotation meter that is line powered – from 40 to 850VAC between phases.  It detects both phase sequence and phase absence. No battery is required. Color coded (red, black, blue) 4 ft. test leads and soft carry case are included

AEMC_6610 6611_6612 Data Sheet

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AE/2121.91AEMC Model 6612 Phase Rotation Meter$99.00
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