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AEMC Multi-Function Ground Resistance Testers – 6422 & 6424


The AEMC Digital Ground Resistance Testers Models 6422 and 6424 performs 2-pole and 3-pole ground resistance measurements. This direct reading tester is auto-ranging, so it automatically seeks out the optimum measurement range. They are easy to use – simply connect the leads, press to measure and read. The large LCD also indicates low battery status, over range, and lead reversals.

The Model 6424 comes with 3 safety color-coded terminals to aid in an easy hookup, measure voltage up to 700V AC/DC and AC current up to 70A with the optional current probe Model MN72. It is powered by 6 x AA rechargeable NIMH batteries.

The Ground Resistance Tester Model 6424 is also available in complete Kits (150ft and 300ft).


  • Simple, one button operation – eliminates errors in testing
  • Test button turns green when measurement is stable
  • 2P resistance/ 3P ground resistance measurement up to 50kΩ for highly resistive terrain
  • Large back lit digital display – easier to read in all lighting conditions
  • Automatic hold function – retains last measurement after the reading stabilizes ensuring the measurement is valid
  • Automatic test frequency selection between 128 and 256 Hz, providing stable results in adverse environments
  • Powers up in 2 pole mode – automatically checks the injector lead connection when connected to the H auxiliary rod
  • Convenient storage of the three measurements along with the average and % deviation – easily determines proper test results
  • Built in test lead compensation capability – improves the accuracy of low resistance measurements
  • CAT IV 600V rated for a high level of operator safety
  • Checks AC/DC voltage and AC leakage current (Model 6424)
  • Stores 52, 62 and 72% measurements – eliminates errors in determining the ground resistance (Model 6424)
  • Leakage current measurement from 0.5mA to 70A (Model 6424)
  • Battery recharging via AC adapter, USB or vehicle DC port b (Model 6424)
  • Color coded leads and terminals provide fast, error-free connection hook-up
  • Detects and prohibits hazardous voltage measurement
  • Direct access to all functions, even when wearing work gloves
  • Rugged water resistance case, for all terrain use
  • Built-in display stand to prop up instrument for seeing the display better when placed on the ground


AEMC 6422 6424 specs

AEMC-6422-6424-Brochure                                AEMC-6422-6424-Datasheet


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2153.06Model MN72 AC current Probe for 6424$315.00
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2135.58Ground Resistance Tester Model 6424 Kit-150ft (Digital, 3-Point)$1,549.00
2135.57Ground Resistance Tester Model 6424 (Digital, 3-Point)$975.00
2135.56Ground Resistance Tester Model 6422 Kit-150ft (Digital, 3-Point)$1,220.00
2135.55Ground Resistance Tester Model 6422 (Digital, 3-Point)$625.00
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