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AEMC AC/DC Clamp-On Current Probes – MR Series


AEMC® MR Series AC/DC Current Measurement Probes. The MR Series are all Hall Effect current probes. The MR415, MR416, MR525 and MR526 have single or dual ranges with 5 ft. (1.5m) lead terminated by 4mm safety banana plug leads. They are designed for DMM, Data Loggers and Power Analyzers. The MR417 and MR527 have dual ranges and a 6.5 ft (2m) lead terminated by a BNC connector. They are designed for oscilloscopes, waveform displaying instruments and other frequency-sensitive displaying instruments.


  • Powered by battery or standard external 5V power supply via micro-USB connector (not supplied)
  • The jaw shape enables users to clamp onto cables or small busbars
  • Measures up to 1000AAC and 1400ADC (model dependent)
  • Automatic Zero DC reset function
  • Auto Power Off enable/disable function
  • Millivolt output compatible with most equipment and instruments
  • Battery life up to 50 hours
  • Safety rating 600V CATIII


  • Electrical conductors
  • Electrical safety compliance Testing
  • Industrial applications
  • Low-power secondary

MR_Series_w/ Banana Plug_Datasheet                MR_Series_w/ BNC connector_Datasheet

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Item # Model Current Range Output Signal Price
AE/1200.82MR4160.5 to 40AAC, 60ADC / 0.5 to 400AAC, 600ADC10mV/A, 1mV/A$365.00
AE/1200.83MR5260.5 to 100AAC, 150ADC / 0.5 to 1000AAC, 1400ADC10mV/A, 1mV/A$429.00
AE/1200.84MR4170.5 to 40AAC, 60ADC / 0.5 to 400AAC, 600ADC10mV/A, 1mV/A, BNC Output$389.00
AE/1200.85MR5270.5 to 100AAC, 150ADC / 0.5 to 1000AAC, 1400ADC10mV/A, 1mV/A, BNC Output$490.00
AE/1200.80MR4150.5 to 400AAC, 600ADC1mV/A$350.00
AE/1200.81MR5250.5 to 1000AAC, 1400ADC1mV/A$329.00
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