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Adalet Stainless Steel Enclosures


Adalet JN4XHSS Series Hinged Clamped Cover Enclosure with 304 stainless steel with a brushed finish. Each enclosure has continuously welded seams ground to a smooth finish and comes complete with four 10-32 weld nuts (for mounting the optional back panel). Grounding studs are provided on the inside of the box and door. Mounting brackets are welded on the top and bottom outside. The door is sealed with a one-piece neoprene gasket and is secured to the enclosure with a continuous stainless steel piano hinge on one side and stainless steel door clamping hardware on three sides. There are no knock-outs or holes in the box or door. A hardware kit is included.

  • Type 304 Stainless Steel • Continuous Hinge (removable hinge pin)
  • Watertight Urethane Gasket
  •  Feet or Flange Mounting
  • Optional Fixed Back Panel & Window Kit
  •  Grounding Studs on Inside of Box and Door
  •  Rated NEMA 3, 3R, 4, 4X, 12 & 13; UL50

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Item # H x W x D (in) Mounting Holes Clamps Optional Panel Panel Dimensions (in)
JN4XHSS-10100610 x 10 x 610.75 x 8610P108.88 x 8.88
JN4XHSS-10080610 x 8 x 610.75 x 6410P088.88 x 6.88
JN4XHSS-12100512 x 10 x 512.75 x 8612P108.88 x 6.88
JN4XHSS-12100612 x 10 x 612.75 x 8612P1010.88 x 8.88
JN4XHSS-10080410 x 8 x 410.75 x 6410P086.88 x 6.88
JN4XHSS-12100812 x 10 x 812.75 x 8612P1010.88 x 8.88
JN4XHSS-14080614 x 8 x 614.75 x 6414P0812.88 x 6.88
JN4XHSS-14120614 x 12 x 614.75 x 10614P1212.88 x 10.88
JN4XHSS-16141016 x 14 x 1016.75 x 12716P1414.88 x 12.88
JN4XHSS-12120612 x 12 x 612.75 x 10612P1210.88 x 10.88
JN4XHSS-20201020 x 20 x 1020.75 x 18920P2018.88 x 18.88
JN4XHSS-0806048 x 6 x 48.75 x 4308P064.88 x 4.88
JN4XHSS-16140816 x 14 x 816.75 x 12716P1414.88 x 12.88
JN4XHSS-0806068 x 6 x 68.75 x 4308P0610.88 x 8.88
JN4XHSS-0808068 x 8 x 68.75 x 6308P086.88 x 6.88
JN4XHSS-0808048 x 8 x 48.75 x 6308P086.88 x 6.88
JN4XHSS-16140616 x 14 x 616.75 x 12716P1414.88 x 12.88
JN4XHSS-14120814 x 12 x 814.75 x 10614P1212.88 x 10.88
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