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AC Watt & VAR Switchboard Meters – Yokogawa AB40 Replacements


The Yokogawa AB-40 Analog Switchboard Instruments complies with the American ANSI-C39.1 accuracy class 1 specification. Available in the 4½” case size, their rugged design characteristics meet the needs of the most demanding environment applications. Engineering know-how, based on time-proven designs and worldwide use, is built into every switchboard instrument.

  •  Rugged, Durable Construction
  •  Readable Even from Sharp Angles
  • Accurate to Within ±1% of Full Scale
  •  Transformer Rated
  •  UL Recognition (optional)
VAR Switchboard Meters

Modifications are available on request: white on a black dial, dual scale, special colors, illumination, special calibration and custom ranges.

Catalog Page-048

Call for Direct Replacement of Yokogawa AB-40 Analog Switchboard Series

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Item # Type System AC Amps AC Volts Scale
103211ASingle-Phase Watts2-Wire, 1-Elem, Xfmr rated5120Left Zero
103252R3-Phase Watts4-Wire, 3-Elem, Xfmr rated5208Center Zero
103212ASingle-Phase Watts2-Wire, 1-Elem, Xfmr rated5120Center Zero
103251Y3-Phase Watts4-Wire, 3-Elem, Xfmr rated5277Left Zero
103221A3-Phase Watts3-Wire, 2-Elem, Xfmr rated5120Left Zero
103252Y3-Phase Watts4-Wire, 3-Elem, Xfmr rated5277Center Zero
103222A3-Phase Watts3-Wire, 2-Elem, Xfmr rated5120Center Zero
103311ASingle-Phase VAR2-Wire, 1-Elem, Xfmr rated5120Left Zero
103221C3-Phase Watts3-Wire, 2-Elem, Xfmr rated5240Left Zero
103312ASingle-Phase VAR2-Wire, 1-Elem, Xfmr rated5120Center Zero
103222C3-Phase Watts3-Wire, 2-Elem, Xfmr rated5240Center Zero
103281A3-Phase VAR3-Wire, 2-Elem, Xfmr rated5120Left Zero
103221D3-Phase Watts3-Wire, 2-Elem, Xfmr rated5480Left Zero
103282A3-Phase VAR3-Wire, 2-Elem, Xfmr rated5120Center Zero
103222D3-Phase Watts3-Wire, 2-Elem, Xfmr rated5480Center Zero
103291F3-Phase VAR4-Wire, 3-Elem, Xfmr rated569Left Zero
103251F3-Phase Watts4-Wire, 3-Elem, Xfmr rated569Left Zero
103292F3-Phase VAR4-Wire, 3-Elem, Xfmr rated569Center Zero
103252F3-Phase Watts4-Wire, 3-Elem, Xfmr rated569Center Zero
103291A3-Phase VAR4-Wire, 3-Elem, Xfmr rated5120Left Zero
103251A3-Phase Watts4-Wire, 3-Elem, Xfmr rated5120Left Zero
103292A3-Phase VAR4-Wire, 3-Elem, Xfmr rated5120Center Zero
103252A3-Phase Watts4-Wire, 3-Elem, Xfmr rated5120Center Zero
103291R3-Phase VAR4-Wire, 3-Elem, Xfmr rated5208Left Zero
103251R3-Phase Watts4-Wire, 3-Elem, Xfmr rated5208Left Zero
103292R3-Phase VAR4-Wire, 3-Elem, Xfmr rated5208Center Zero
103291Y3-Phase VAR4-Wire, 3-Elem, Xfmr rated5277Left Zero
103292Y3-Phase VAR4-Wire, 3-Elem, Xfmr rated5277Center Zero
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