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AC Synchroscope Meters (Switchboard) – Crompton


These Crompton Instruments an analog and digital synchroscope measures and displays the frequency difference of two power sources. Monitoring the display allows the user to connect two synchronized AC power systems together. This can help prevent the potential damage caused by connecting two unsynchronized power sources.

Crompton Switchboard Meters offers three different types; models 007, 078 and 077

  • Model 007 is a one piece flame retardant polycarbonate molding with a black matte finished bezel area, and a specially contoured window to minimize reflection from adjacent light sources.
  • Model 078 is high shock hermetically sealed and all models have heavy gauge pressed steel cases. They have a die-cast bezel and a projecting molded toughened glass window, which incorporates a gas-tight zero adjuster.
  • Model 077 AC Digital Synchroscope is a 4.5 Inch Switchboard LED Synchroscope, incorporating a bright LED readout, 360 Degrees. Models available include operation as a Synchro-Check Relay, or Synchro-Check Relay with Dead Bus Feature, or as a standard Synchroscope


  • Metal, plastic or high shock case
  • Analog or digital display
  • IP54 Front
  • Optional synchrocheck relay function on digital models

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007-14A-PRAE-C7Pivot and Jewel - 360°12050/604 1/2 Square Flange Case-
077-14AU-PQYY-FQLED12040-654 1/2 Square Flange Case1
077-14AU-RRYY-FQLED24040-654 1/2 Square Flange Case1
077-14AU-SEYY-FQLED48040-654 1/2 Square Flange Case1
007-14A-RRAE-C7Pivot and Jewel - 360°24050/604 1/2 Square Flange Case1
078-145J-QQAB-C5Pivot and Jewel - 360°120504 1/2 Square Flange Hi-Shock Case1
078-146J-QQAB-C6Pivot and Jewel - 360°120604 1/2 Square Flange Hi-Shock Case1
078-144J-QQAB-C4Pivot and Jewel - 360°1204004 1/2 Square Flange Hi-Shock Case1
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