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612 Series Submersible Level Transducers- Noshok


The 612 Series Submersible Level Transmitters and Transducers are highly accurate, shock resistant and extremely stable over a long period of time. These products are ideal for monitoring liquid level in tanks and wells in irrigation, water supply, wastewater treatment and other industrial applications.

  • Ranges from 0-50″ up to 0-400″ H2O and 0-200 up to 0-1000 psig
  • Basic accuracy ±0.25% of full scale
  • Current or voltage output
  • Stainless steel, polyamine and polyurethane wetted parts
  • IP68 environmental rating
  • CE compliant to suppress RFI, EMI and ESD

Noshok 612 Datasheet

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Noshok 612 Series Transducers / Transmitters 

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±0.125% only available for ranges >5psig
Output Signal
4-20mA required above 300 psig
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