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1000V Analog Megohmmeter Model 1015 – AEMC


The Megohmmeter® Model 1015 is a compact, self-contained, battery-operated True Megohmmeter®. This practical, dependable and rugged insulation tester can be used for a broad range of plant and field service applications and is designed for use in harsh environments.

The Model 1015 permits insulation resistance testing at 500V and 1000V, and resistance measurements up to 1000Ω. The Model 1015 is an analog instrument with four easy-to-read scales. The megohm scale is an easy-to-read log scale graduated from 0.1 to 1000MΩ. The ohm scale is linear with a range from 0 to 10Ω.

The Model 1015 comes complete with carrying case, shockproof rubber housing, a pair of color-coded leads, with black test probe, red alligator clip. spare fuse, batteries and a user manual.

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Insulation measurements to 1000Mohm
  • 600VAC test voltage range (safety check)
  • 0 to 10ohm+ and 0 to 10ohm- continuity ranges
  • Continuity measurements with 200mA test current
  • Resistance range to 1000ohm (Model 1015)
  • Push button for battery check
  • Large, direct-reading, colored scale
  • Rugged construction for heavy duty field use
  • Supplied with test leads, shockproof rubber housing & soft carrying case
  • CE Approved

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