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1/8 DIN Panel Meters – NLS


The NLS RM Series panel meters are customized to fit your needs, with over 2,000 variations available. Configured in the industry-standard 1/8 DIN/NEMA-style case, they are ideal for both OEM and replacement applications. These rugged meters are DC-powered, DC-reading (AC-powered and AC-reading are options) and bipolar, with a presettable decimal point and either LED or LCD display. An extra-large 0.8-inch LED display is also available on some RM Series meters. A full selection of ranges (200mV, 2V, 20V, 200V and 1000V) is available.

  • 0.1% or 0.2% Accuracy
  • Amps, AC, O, Ratio Options
  • Power Supply Options
  • MUX BCD Outputs

Temperature: 0-50°C operating
Case Size: 4.0″W x 1.9″H x 4.5″D

Catalog Page 035

RM-350 DS        RM-452TB DS      RM-452EC DS        RM-453TB DS

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1/8 DIN Panel Meters – NLS

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