Item #YE/279303, 2793 Decade Resistance Boxes - Yokogawa

Up to 100MΩ in 100Ω stop
Low voltage coefficient
Variation of the resistance value is less than ±0.1% at 1MΩ and 10MΩ steps against 100V application, and less than ±0.04% at 100Ω 1Ω 10Ω, and 100Ω flaps against 10V application.
Shock and vibration proof construction
Easy-to-read in line indication
Best suited for calibration of insulation resistance testers and bridges

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Dielectric Strength
2,500 AC for one minute between Panel and Circuit
Insulation Resistance
More then 10^11Ω at 1,000V DC between panel and circuit
Dial Composition
100Ω x 10 + 1kΩ x 10 + 10kΩ x 10 + 100kΩ x 10 + 1MΩ x 10 + 10MΩ x 10
100Ω, 1kΩ, 10kΩ, 100kΩ Steps - ±(0.05Ω + 0.05mΩ) 1 MΩ and 10MΩ Steps - ±0.2% (At temperature 23 ±2°C, humidity below 75%, including residual resistance of approx. 0.05Ω).
Max. Allowable Input
100 Ω Step 100mA 1 Ω Step 30mA 10 Ω Step 10mA 100 Ω Step 3mA (100 to 600 kΩ) 2000 V (700 kΩ to 1 MΩ) 1 Ω Step 2000 V 10 Ω Step 2000 V