Item #YE/279301, 2793 Decade Resistance Boxes - Yokogawa

High accuracy and stability
High reproducibility
Excellent reproducibility is obtainable because dial switches with low contact resistance are used. For example, changes in contact resistance is within ± 1.1mΩ at 0.1Ω setting.
1 mΩ resolution
Simple, quick dial operation
In-line display for city reading
Ideal for calibration of resistance thermometers and brides
Due to its high accuracy and a dail system, various types of resistance thermometers and bridges can te calibrated accurately and promptly.
Excellent ami shock and -vibration properties

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Dielectric Strength
1,000 V AC for one minute between Panel and Circuit
Insulation Resistance
More than 500MΩ at 500V DC between panel and circuit
Dial Composition
0.001Ω x 10 + 0.01Ω x 10 + 0.1Ω x 11 + 1Ω x 10 + 10Ω x 10 + 100Ω x 10
±(0.01Ω + 2mΩ) at temperature of 23 ±2°C, humidity of 45 to 85%, and 0.1W Power Application
Max. Allowable Input Power
0.2SW/slep. Within 1W for overall instrument.
Max. Allowable Input Current
50mA (100Ω steps). 150mA (10Ω steps), 500mA (10 Ω steps).and 1.5A (0.1Ω steps).