Item #X100N008007, Weschler Nuclear Qualified Analog Meters

Weschler Nuclear Qualified Analog Switchboard Meters meet all national nuclear standards for environmental, temperature and humidity extremes, seismic vibration and human factors. These qualified meters are available for direct measurement of standard electrical quantities, including signals from transducers for measuring any other electrical or mechanical quantity that can be converted into a proportional electrical quantity.

  1.  1E Safety Rating for use in nuclear power plants
  2.  Proven Westinghouse designs
  3.  Fits standard ANSI panel cutouts
  4.  1% or 1.5% accuracy
  5.  Direct upgrade from commercial meters
  6.  Rugged taut band movement
  7.  Direct replacement for Yokogawa AB40 and 180 Models

Ranges Available:
DC Microammeter:  50μA to 1mA
DC Milliammeter:  1mA to 1A
DC Ammeter:  1A to 50A
DC Millivoltmeter:  50mV to 1V
DC Voltmeter:  1V to 800V
Rectifier AC Milliammeter:  1mA to 1A
AC Ammeter:  1A to 17A
AC Voltmeter: 5V to 600V


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0-5 AAC (transformer rated)