Item #Theta-M21211, Theta M Power & Energy Transducer - Sifam Tinsley

The Sifam Tinsley Theta-M transducer is used to measure and convert parameters of three-phase 3 and 4 wire power networks with either balanced or unbalanced loads.

The Theta-M will convert measured values into standard analog current signals. Relay outputs signal the overflow of the selected quantities, and the pulse output can be used for the consumption monitoring of 3- phase active energy.

  •  Power & Energy measurement
  •  Onsite programmable PT & CT ratio
  •  THD measurement
  •  Selectable analog output range (0-20mA / 4-20mA / ±20mA)
  •  Detection and signaling of incorrect phase sequence
  •  RS-485 & USB communications, free configuration software
  •  LED indicators for Power On, Alarm Status, Tx/Rx
  •  Galvanic isolation, input to output
Programmable Power & Energy Transducer Specs

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Current Input
Voltage Input
57.7V L-N, 100V L-L
Supply Voltage
20-40VAC / 20-60VDC
4 relays (no analog outputs)
Load Resistance
250 ohm