Item #TT40-2J00000000000, Theta 40 Power System Transducer - Sifam Tinsley

The Sifam Tinsley Theta 40 Series simultaneously measure several variables of an electric power system and process them to produce 2, 3 or 4 analog output signals. Two or 4 digital outputs are available for signaling limits or power metering. For two of the limit outputs up to 3 measurands can be logically combined.

  • Monitor single and 3-phase power systems
  •  Input voltage up to 693 V (phase-to-phase)
  •  Up to 4 analog outputs
  •  Up to 4 digital outputs (meter transmit, limit)
  •  High-accuracy: 0.2% V/I, 0.25% P
  •  Wide range auxiliary power AC/DC
  •  RS-232 setup port
  •  RS-485 Modbus communication (optional)
  •  Windows software for programming, data acquisition, analysis and simulation
Theta 40 Specs

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Theta 40 with 2 analog out, 4 digital out