Item #RE72-2-4-0-0-00E, Sifam Tinsley Temperature Controller

The Sifam Tinsley RE72 Controllers are designed for applications where precise, accurate measurement & control actions are required. Controllers are available with wide range of sensor, analog, & resistance inputs. Dual inputs and three outputs are optional.

  • Universal measuring inputs
  • Binary input control
  • Setpoint value: fixed value, programmed or from Input 2
  • On/Off, PID, PID step-by-step control (valve control) or PID of heating-cooling type
  • Soft start
  • 8 alarms modes
  • Timer function
  • Measurement of heater current and heater burning control
Sifam Tinsley Temperature Controller Specs

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Output 1
Binary voltage (transistor) 0/5V, 40mA max.
Output 2
Analog voltage 0-10V
Power Supply
85-253V AC/DC (50/60Hz)