Item #PCL-150, AC Current Transducers - PCM & PCL Series - GE ITI

The GE-ITI PCM & PCL transducer accurately converts a sinusoidal AC input to a proportional dc current. The high-performance integrated circuit amplifiers achieve a contestant current output, insensitive to a variable impedance load. This allows the PCM & PCL to be easily applied to remote instrumentation, motor control, and energy management installations. The input circuit is average responding. The output signal (4 to 20mA dc) can be transmitted over long distances with no loss of accuracy.

  • Large Window Area
  • 4-20mA DC Output
  • 0.5% FS accuracy
  • 120VAC or 24VDC Power

The PCL is a 4 terminal device with separate connections for power and load. The PCM is a two-terminal device. 24V is applied between the + terminal and ground.  The output load may be inserted in either the – line for negative ground systems or the + line for positive ground systems.

PCM & PCL Series Specs

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Rated Current
Supply Voltage
120VAC ±10%
Window Diameter (in)
Output Load
<1000 ohms
Size (in)
4.5 x 4.7 x 4.9
#8 studs