Item #N30O-10000U0, Sifam Tinsley Counters

The Sifam Tinsley N30O series measures frequency, rotational speed, period, number of pulses and elapsed time. They have a 5-digit three-color LED display (14 mm high), programmed in three intervals of the measured value. Meter programming is from the keyboard or through the RS-485  interface by means of the free delivered LPConfigprogram. They have four alarm outputs with signaling by LED diodes, in 6 different modes. Conversion of any measured value into a 0-4-20 mA or 0-10 V analog signal. Supply Voltage is 85-250V AC/DC or 20-40 VAC or 20-60 VDC. Dimensions are 3.78” (96mm) x 1.89” (48mm) x 3.67” (93mm).

  • Two Counter Inputs
  • Count Actual & Total Values
  • 3-color, 5-digit LED Display
  • AC or DC Operation
  • Min/Max Storage
  • Math Functions
  • Up to 4 Alarm Outputs with 6 Alarm Modes
  • RS-485 & Analog Output Options
  • Galvanic Isolation – Inputs/Outputs/Power
  • 21-point Table Function
  • 24 VDC to Power Peripherals

Catalog Page 42a                         Sifam-N30O-datasheet

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5-digit Counter, line voltage supply