Item #ME/MIT410/2, MIT400/2 Series Insulation Resistance Testers - Megger

The MIT400/2 Series Insulation Testers offer outstanding performance and ease of use. Dual digital displays show test results and test voltage or current simultaneously. The hands-free, auto-ranging continuity function ensures the accurate measurement of circuit conductors and bonding. An audible continuity alarm speeds testing.

  • Insulation resistance measurements to 200GΩ; selectable test voltages to 1000V
  • Backlit LCD with dual digital and analog arc displays
  • Leakage current readout
  • Live circuit detection & protecton
  • PI/DAR and Timer functions (except MIT400/2)IP54 & CAT IV 600V rating

The MIT series offers TRMS & DC Voltage measurements from 10mV to 600V. The MIT420/2 and MIT430/2 add capacitance (100pf to 10uF), and test result storage/recall. MIT430/2 has Bluetooth for wireless data transfer (including download software). All models except the MIT400/2 include frequency measurement (15-400Hz). Every unit comes with carrying case, test leads, and battery. All models except the MIT400/2 also include a remote switch probe for “hands free” testing

Insulation Resistance Testers Specs Insulation Resistance Testers

Catalog Page 156                    MIT400-2 Datasheet

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Cat# 1006-732 PI+DAR
Test Voltage (VDC)
50, 100, 250, 500, 1000
Insulation Resistance
0.01 Mohm to 200 Gohm
Resistance Range
0.01 ohm to 999 kohm
Analog/Dual Digital