Item #ME/DET14C, Megger Clamp-On Ground Resistance Testers

The DET14C and DET24C represent a new generation of earth/ground clamp-on resistance testers. These instruments induce a test current into earth systems and measure ground resistance in multi ground installations without needing to disconnect the ground. They offer market-leading access, advanced features, simple operation and CAT IV 600 V safety protection.

The elliptical shaped head design offers improved access to cables and earth straps in space-constrained locations. The clamp head accommodates up to 37 mm diameter cable and 50 mm earth tapes making them suitable for use in power stations, substations, towers and many more facilities.

  • Easy, fast clamp-on operation – No rods or cables necessary
  • Measures ground resistance from 0.05ohm to 1500ohm
  • Measures ground leakage or phase current from 0.5mA to 35A
  • Auto-ranging with high and low alarms
  • Automatic self-calibration

Model DET24C includes USB interface and software for downloading test data. Both models include a battery, carrying case & calibration loop.

Ground Resistance Testers

Catalog Page 161                    DET14C & DET24C Datasheet

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Item Name
Digital Earth Test Clampmeter