Item #ME/CHM2000, Megger Cable Height Meter

Measures the height of up to six overhead cables
Dramatically reduces measuring time
No physical connection to cables or wires
Designed for portability & ease-of-use
Readout in feet/inches or meters

The CHM Series of Cable Height Meters utilize ultrasonic techniques to determine the height of up to six overhead cables and wires. The instruments are designed to address specific measuring requirements on cables up to 35 feet (10.7 m). The CHM2000 is designed for telecommunication applications.

The Cable Height Meters emit short bursts of sound which originate from the cone shaped transmitter. The microprocessor in the instruments calculates the elapsed time for the bursts of sound to be reflected from the cable back to the instruments. The result can be displayed in either feet and inches or meters. However, before the final measurement can be displayed, the air temperature must be measured because the speed of sound varies at approximately 0.2 percent per degree Celsius.

A temperature sensor, mounted at the front of the instruments, senses the actual air temperature. This information is sent to the microprocessor and incorporated into the algorithm. The distance is then displayed in meters or feet and inches depending on which was selected.

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Telecom Cable Height Meter; 6 lines; 7-35 ft.