Item #KO/KAL-7340S-P, KAL-A Series Thermal Flow Sensors - Kobold

The Model KAL-A thermal flow sensor for water-based liquids. The compact, one-piece thermal flow sensor with no moving parts provides reliable readings largely unaffected by temperature or physical characteristics of a wide variety of water-based process liquids.

The microprocessor can be field calibrated to the liquid properties and operating range in a simple, five-minute set-up procedure. This intelligence, coupled with a no-moving-parts design, makes the KAL-A flow sensor a superior performer in many applications. To further enhance the versatility of the KAL-A series, it is offered in a 3-A compliant version. The thermal flow sensor applies the KAL’s advanced microprocessor-based technology to the problem of flow rate detection. Although the colorimetrically sensed output is non-linear in nature, it is extremely repeatable. The KAL-A incorporates the same 8-segment LED display found in the flow switch, with an optional PNP setpoint alarm relay if desired

The KAL-A uses the calorimetric principle to continuously monitor the flow of both viscous and non-viscous media. Flow rate is transmitted via a 4-20mA output, while an optional switch provides an alarm function. A single RTD element is used to both heat the probe tip and measure temperature. The internal microprocessor compensates for media temperature changes. An absence of protrusions prevents contaminants from building up on the probe tip.

  • Temperature Independent Output
  • 8 Segment LED Flow Rate Bar
  • Optional Setpoint Relay
  • Wide Viscosity Range
  • No Moving Parts
  • Extremely Low-Pressure Loss
  • NPT & Sanitary Fittings
KAL-A Series Thermal Flow Sensors Specs

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316-Ti SS Sensor, 1 1/2" Tri-Clamp fitting
PNP Switch