Item #HO/17/3, Hoyt VU Meters

The VU meter is the standard level indicator for audio frequency transmission systems. VU meters are used to measure sound or noise levels in broadcast monitoring, public address systems and anywhere volume level measurements are to be made. The VU also is useful for the measurement of noise level and other audio frequency energy where the established dynamic characteristics of the VU meter give a common result for measurements taken in different laboratories.

The VU meter is designed to read zero VU or 100% with 1.228 volts applied to the instrument and the 3600-ohm series resistance. This represents 4 dB above 1 milliwatt is 600 ohms. The combination of a special copper oxide rectifier and an extremely sensitive movement with special magnetics give these meters very high sensitivity. Two scale types are available with white, black or buff background color. A black pointer is standard, red optional.

  • Industry Standard for Volume Level Measurements
  • Sizes from 1.5″ to 4.5″
  • Choice of Styles & Mounting
  • Made in U.S.A.


The “A” Scale reads “-20 to +3” in type on the top of the arc, with “0-100” in type on the bottom of the arc.

The “B” Scale reads “0-100” in type on the top of the arc, with “-20 to +3” in type on the bottom of the arc.

To order: Specify model, mounting, scale type/color, VU
Custom legends & logos available on request.

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2 1/2 in
Round, phenolic