Item #Fluke 123B/S, Fluke Handheld Oscilloscopes

The ScopeMeter 190 Series of high-performance oscilloscopes have the bandwidth of 60, 100, and 200 MHz and sample rates up to 2.5 GS/s. The high-resolution color display has a fast update rate and digital persistence mode – making the analysis of complex and dynamic signals that much easier.

Choose the 190 Series for tough troubleshooting problems, like intermittent failures, impulses and signal fluctuations in high speed or sensitive electronic or electromechanical systems. They include automatic measurements, cursors, FFT analysis, paperless recording functions and a DMM input.

For industrial electronic or electromechanical applications, the 120 Series Industrial ScopeMeters offer bandwidth to 40MHz, a dual DMM and paperless recording.

The 125 offers additional capabilities for testing industrial machinery:

  • Power & harmonic measurements for single phase and balanced 3-phase systems.
  • RPM and Hz reading for motors & engines.
  • Vac PWM for motor drive outputs.
  • 0.01 ohm resolution for motor & transformer windings.
  • a Bus Health function for troubleshoting industrial data networks.

For fast measurement answers and quick display of waveforms all ScopeMeters include Connect-and-View triggering. This feature recognizes signal patterns and automatically sets the oscilloscope for a stable reliable display of even the most complex waveforms. Move from test point to test point and the ScopeMeter will continuously lock onto just about any waveform.

Fluke Handheld Oscilloscope

Catalog Page 139           120 series datasheet            190 series datasheet

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Industrial ScopeMeters with Flukeview software, isolated USB cable & hard carrying case
20 MHz
Max. Real Time Sample Rate
25 MS/s
10.2 cm Monochrome LCD
Battery Power
7 hr NiMH
Dual Input TrendPlot
Independently Floating Isolated Inputs
600 V RMS max input or any terminal to ground
Glitch Capture
40 ns
Input Type
5 mV/div. … 500V/Div
Memory for Recordings
Memory for Screens
Number of Inputs
Record Length
512 min/max pairs per input
Scope Measurements
26 automatic measurements
Size (cm)
23.2 x 11.5 x 5.0
Safety Certified
Timebase Range in Scope Mode
10 ns/div. to
Connect-and-View®, Free Run, Single Shot, Edge, Video, External
Weight (kg)