Item #EX/PRC30, Multifunction Calibrator - PRC30 - Extech

The Extech PRC30 is a precision process calibrator for current, voltage & thermocouple devices.

The Extech PRC30 is a precision source and measurement calibrator for thermocouples (8 different types), mV, mA & V devices. It features an illuminated display with dot-matrix value illuminated display for displaying measured values and source readings like temperature, voltage, and loop current. It comes with a durable housing and offers extended hours of on-flied testing with its large battery backup and external power adapter.

Source/Measure Voltage, Current, mV & Thermocouples
Combines functions of the PRC15 & PRC20
24V loop power source


Field and Lab Calibrations & Verification Operation of Controllers, Thermocouple Probes, Sensors, Testing tools & Panel meters
Troubleshooting for Temp. Control Proces
Process devices simulation and calibration for transducers, transmitters, sensors, indicators and controllers
Field test & service
Bench research & development

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Item Name
Extech Multifunction Calibrator with Cold Junction Compensation