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Extech 407744: 94dB Sound Calibrator 1kHz Professional Calibrator for 0.5″ or 1.0″ Microphones

The 407744 sound level calibrator generates a 94dB sine wave at 1 KHz. The 407766 generates a 94dB and a 114dB sine wave at 1kHz. When a microphone from a sound level meter is inserted into the calibrator, the sound level meter picks up the signal and displays the signal in dB (decibel) units. The sound level meter should be adjusted (if necessary) to match the calibrator’s output signal as closely as possible (see diagram).


Calibrates and verifies Sound Level Meter operation
Battery test position with battery status LED indicates if battery is good
For use on Sound Level Meters with 0.5″ or 1.0″ microphones
Durable die-cast, aluminum housing
1kHz sine wave at 94dB is generated to an accuracy of 5% (frequency) and ±0.8dB

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Item Name
94dB Sound Calibrator for 0.5" & 1" microphones