Item #E242-41S-RNAJ-AJ, Frequency Panel Meters (DIN) - Crompton

Crompton DIN analog Panel Meters – A range of 48, 72 and 96mm DIN style panel meters measuring all electrical parameters and featuring moving coil or moving iron movements. All meters incorporate slide-in 90° short scales dials and terminal covers as standard. A range of customized options is available.

  • Model E242= 48 x 48 mm
  • Model E243= 72 x 72 mm
  • Model E244= 96 x 96 mm

EMC hard frequency meters are fully EMC and LVD compliant. Meter uses a 100 microamps 4000 ohm moving coil movement driven by an EMC hard frequency conversion circuit.

  • 48, 72, 96 mm Case Sizes
  • 0.5% Accuracy Class
  • 90° & 240° Scale

Standard dials are white matte with black printed scales and bar knife-edge pointers. Black dials with white or yellow scales and pointers are also available.

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Short Scale (90°)
Size (mm)
48 X 48
200-250V AC
Frequency (Hz)