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The VD1000 Digital Voltage Detector is designed to easily indicate AC voltage on underground primary, overhead primary and transmission conductors up to 999 kV. The large digital display can be seen and read at distances up to 50’.  The unit is perfect for large system voltages from 4kV to 765kV Phase to Phase.

  •  Large 3 digit LED display
  •  Backlit continuous for nighttime use
  •  LED segment and battery test
  •  Standard 9 Volt battery
  •  Watertight construction with sunshield
  •  Rated for indoor and outdoor use
  •  Shotgun & Hot Stick compatible
  • (Universal Grip All accessory)


  • 1kV – 999kV digital voltage detector
  • Hook probe
  • Straight probe
  • Universal/grip-all adapter
  • Manual
  • Case


  • Digital Voltage Detectors

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Digital Voltage Detector 0-1000kV, Direct & Non-Contact