Item #AcuvimIIW-M-mA-P1, Acuvim II Power Transducers - Accuenergy

The Acuvim II series multifunction power and energy meters are also available as DIN-rail mount transducers without integral display. These transducers may be used as data gathering devices for intelligent power distribution systems or plant automation systems. All monitored data is available via a digital RS485 communication port running Modbus RTU and DNP 3.0 protocols.  A second communication port is available as an add-on module with Ethernet Modbus TCP and DNP3.0 over IP.  A remote display can be ordered for separate viewing or as a setup aide.

· Revenue Grade with Data Logging (0.2 Class)
· Waveform Capture
· Level 2 DNP3 standard, IEC61850 available
· 8GB Datalogging and event storage
· COMtrade Waveform format
· Free Cloud Metering Data Storage + Analytics


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Transducer with datalogging, waveform capture & PQ event logging
Current Input
80mA/100mA/200ma (field selectable)
100-415VAC (50-60Hz)/100-300VDC