Item #AT/AE44-503J, Production Monitors - ATS

The AE44-503J provides a programmable pace that automatically paces the “GOAL” display, a “COUNT” input that increments the count by one each time the input is activated, a “RUN/HOLD” switch to hold the pace during breaks or down periods, and separate “RESET” buttons for both the “GOAL” and “ACTUAL” displays. Painted Steel Enclosure (24″W x 18″H x 4″D).

  • Monitor Production “GOAL” and “ACTUAL” Performance.
  • Four-Inch High LED Digits – Red for Goal, Green for Actual.
  • Production GOAL automatically advances at a programmable pace.
  • Visible up to 150 feet.

Catalog Page 130             ATS-503J-DS

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Monitor GOAL and ACTUAL counts Two lines of four digits, four inch