Item #APM-SHUNT-APO, Trumeter Shunt Meter

The APM Shunt Meter is ideal for DC current measurement applications in marine, leisure, material handling, and industrial applications such as power supplies, load banks and charging systems. The programmable scale and custom annunciators mean users can tailor the meter to display their critical parameters exactly how they want. The two outputs can be used to connect the APM to other systems in the process, meaning the APM Shunt Meter is much more than just a display.

The Shunt Meter is easily programmable, making it easy for your user to know when currents have reached a critical point. You can easily mark set points that will trigger the smart meter display to change color, flash, change the annunciator message, or all three at once, alerting you whenever a parameter is out of range.

Designed for low-side DC current measuring applications, it has a 1VDC high-resolution input and two output models – which can be used to connect the APM to other systems in the process, making it one of the most advanced and versatile smart meters available. Plug the APM into a PC and download the free APM Configurator software to customize the panel meter to meet your specific needs.

The Shunt Meter’s slim design only requires 53mm depth behind the panel, giving a full-featured meter even when depth is at a premium. The wide viewing angle also provides a significant improvement in the visibility, meaning you’ll never struggle to make a critical reading.

With 15 built-in configurations that cover a range of applications – you can even use this unit right out of the box, with no programming required. Opt for position 16, where you can access all the custom features of the Shunt Meter, to unlock its full potential. This advanced panel meter also boasts trurange™ technology and achieves accuracy of 0.1% or better, making the Shunt Meter ideal for DC current measurement in many applications.

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Item Name
Trumeter APM Shunt Meter, Positive LCD with outputs