Item #APM-RATE-ANO, Trumeter Rate Meter

The Trumeter APM Rate Meter is a programmable digital rate meter specifically designed for effective display, monitoring and measurement of speed, rate and flow to an accuracy of 0.01%. The wide input range of 0Hz-60KHz, an accuracy of 0.01% and process time measurement make it the ideal meter for a range of rate measuring applications including:

  • Flow applications
  • Motor speed monitoring
  • Production lines


  • User selectable scale & gain
  • 1% basic accuracy
  • Large 4 digit numeric display
  • 40 segment bargraph display
  • Alphanumeric annunciator
  • Dynamic backlight color
  • 2 user-configurable alarms
  • 2 independent outputs
  • 4-20mA analog output
  • Front panel or USB setup
  • Free setup software

Dynamic backlighting and starburst messaging alert operators to changing conditions. These products feature digital and analog outputs, IP65 and NEMA type 4 &12 ratings and an industry-leading three-year warranty.

The APM’s unique LCD display incorporates the instant recognition of traditional analog meters with the precision and accuracy of digital panel meters. It features a dynamic backlight that can be tailored to alert the user when a critical parameter is out of range as well as flash and/or change color (or intensity) between red, green and white.


This provides an immediate visual indication of critical parameters and clear accurate readings, improving performance monitoring as well as safety.

APM Rate Specs

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APM Rate Meter, negative LCD