Item #APM-M2-APO, Trumeter APM Multi Input Panel Meter

The APM-M2 can be programmed (using the free setup software) to measure volts, amps or frequency. It auto-detects AC or DC on the input, and measures up to 600V with an accuracy of 1%. The dynamic display can change color, flash and/or change annunciator message depending on signal level. Digital outputs can be set to activate when input is above, below, between or outside the setpoints.

  • Measure Volts, Amps or Frequency
  • Large 4 digit main display
  • 4 character alphanumeric for units, alarm or custom message
  • 40 segment curved bargraph
  • Dynamic backlight color
  • Digital & analog outputs
  • USB setup software

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Item Name
APM Mains M2 100-240VAC Positive LCD